September 16, 2015

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | Weird Things About Me

Happy humpday people. 

Before we get started, go say hello to my co-host in crime Lauren! Say hi and tell her how jealous you are of how she gets Wednesdays off. Ugh, if only!
#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

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It has come to my attention that these #hashtaghumpday posts, as awesome as they are seem to be getting a little repetitive. Blah blah blah I'm poor, blah blah blah I ate a lot of food, blah blah, yay fall! Whine whine whine I have no AC or heater....

So I decided to do something different this week and tell you more about me and how random/weird I am. #flawless

You're welcome.

I'm one of those people who hates tomatoes. BUT I love pretty much everything made of tomatoes. Ketchup? Yes. Spaghetti sauce? Yes. Sundried tomatoes in everything? YES. Salsa? HELL YES. But give me a plain old tomato? No thanks #itsthetexture #tosquishy #notevenonasalad

I always brush my teeth in the shower in the morning.  #twobirdsonestone

Typically I talk to my dog more in a day than I do my boyfriend #hesabetterlistener

I like it to be really cold in my room while I sleep. I snuggle up with the blankets all the way to my chin (and a dog spooning with me). I think it stems from my time sleeping on a sleeping porch in a sorority when the windows were open year round. The colder it is the better I sleep #likeapolarbear #bundledisbetter #justthefacepokingout #morecoversmorepillows #allthecozy

Ironically (or hypocritically) though, I HATE the cold. I don't participate in winter sports, I'm not a fan of snow if I have to leave my house at all and I'd rather be stuck in 110 degrees than 32 #sunshineandsummertimeplease #ineedtomovesomewherewarm #hateallthingscold #nowinterplease

Tickling is my weakness. Particularly on the neck. Don't ask me why #ialwaysgivein #gigglesfordays #nonopleasestop

I'm that girl that counts out exact change out of her wallet when paying with cash #sorrynotsorry #butthatsthepointofchange #justcalmyourtitswhileicount

But again, ironically, I'm the most impatient person I know #sodontdothatshitinfrontofme #dontmakemewaitoritwillgetugly

And with that I'm HUGE on punctuality. If you aren't early your late. So get with it people #IDONTLIKETOWAIT

And that's all the crazy I have this week. What are you #hashtagging?

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  1. I like to pick out my favorite hashtags in these posts. And this week's winner is..... #justcalmyourtitswhileicount! My 7 year old stepson were just discussing how he loves my guacamole but hates avocadoes (kinda like you & tomatoes).

  2. I am the same way - I HATE when the house is cold - except at night. If its a little bit warm, I feel like I cant breath. But let the room be cold & let me snuggle under a mound of blankets every time :)

    ... dogs are WAY better listeners :)

  3. How about a Bloody Mary? Can you do that kind of tomato? Try one with an IPA instead of vodka... yummy! Also I am with you on the lateness thing... if you are not 5 minutes early you're late!

  4. Brushing your teeth in the shower? Hmmmmm that would definitely cut at least 2 minutes off my morning get ready routine.....aka another round of snooze button.

  5. I love the cold! Most especially when I'm sleeping! I need to be able to Berlinville like 30 blanket and snuggle with the puppy and of course my kiddo!

  6. YES. I have to have it cold when I sleep. But I hate the cold. But I also hate the crazy heat. Honestly I'm the most diva-ish person...just about temperature. There's probably a 5-degree range where I'm comfortable. Hahaha. Also 10 minutes early is on time for me. I get stressed when I'm set to arrive on time (as opposed to early). I know, I'm crazy. Haha!

  7. I'm an exact change person too! Or rather...if it's even close...I'll be counting out some coinage to avoid getting a bunch of change back

  8. I love sleeping in a cold room with the blankets up near my chin too! It's supposed to go down to the 50's tonight, which is lovely, but my room is warm. It's the worst because it's too cool to put my air conditioner on yet too warm to get under the covers. #changingseasonsproblems

  9. I am the exact same way with tomatoes!! They're so gross raw but give me everything made with them. Even when they're slightly cooked say on a margherita pizza I am happy. I just cannot fathom them raw.