September 18, 2015

My 5 Favorite Pet Instagram Accounts

Happy Friday folks!

What makes Friday's even better? 

Pictures of cute animals. Duh.

Instagram is quickly becoming my (and seemingly everyone else's) favorite social medium. I love that little square into everyone's perfectly posed lives. But to be honest, I'd rather look at animals than posed inanimate objects, outfits of the day and Starbucks-run selfies.

So, some of my very favorite Instagram accounts are of pets! 

1 | Camping with Dogs
This one is fairly self explanatory - exploring with your best friend. Is there anything better? What I like about this account is they share photos from all different 'grammers and their dogs.
A photo posted by Camping With Dogs™ (@campingwithdogs) on

2 | Calvin and Hobbes
I'm a sucker for this account because it's an orange tabby kitty, golden retriever duo, just like my boys! This is a true to life account, nothing super "posed" just their pets' everyday play and happenings.

3 | Loki the Wolfdog
An account for adventurer lovers. Loki is probably one of the most majestic dogs around (hello part wolf) and his wanderings are captured beautifully in this account. Some fun/goofy stuff too!
A photo posted by Breakin' Hearts Since 2012 (@loki_the_wolfdog) on

4 | Cookie Cute
A golden retriever and his mini me. I mean I can't even... (that might be the golden owner in me)

5 | Chewy
It's no secret I'm a big fan of Their instagram is no exception! Not only is there usually a daily dose of cute, they also give away pet supplies and re-post all the Chewy goodies delivery shots. I guess I just love seeing happy pets!

Honorable Mentions

I believe everyone around these parts knows I'm a proud mama to my gorgeous Golden Retriever, Gunner. Therefore A LOT of the accounts I follow are golden-centric! Here are all my honorable mentions for those of you who might also appreciate the lovable, fluffy, golden goofballs:

(left to right, top to bottom)
Poohbear the Goldie | Golden by the bay | Nola the Golden 
3 Blonde Dogs | Charlie has Two Moms | Goldens of Instagram
I Love Golden Retrievers | The Daily Golden | The Royal Fluffy Butts

Oh and there's always my insta if you want to see these cuties in your feed *shameless plug*

What pet Instagram accounts do you follow? I want more!!!! 

Happy Friday!
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  1. Yes! Thank you for this! I needed new puppy accounts to follow! So adorable!

  2. This is too much cute in one post! I love pet Instas! Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. love this post! so much cuteness! I'm following you now on insta.
    I love Knits_with_husky on insta. There's a lot of cuteness and LOLs
    Trish - tales from trish

  4. Awwww all these accounts are SO good! SO SO cute!

  5. So many cute pictures! Ahhh I love it! I also like Waiting Dogs (@waitingdogs I think, not sure though!).

  6. I don't think I follow any animal Insta accounts. I used to follow a unicorn named Herbert but he doesn't post anymore. I keep thinking I should start one for my dog... it'd be hilarious... him sleeping and begging for food all the time! These are super cute though!

  7. Chewy has some really funny videos every once in a while. I also follow Doug the Pug!

  8. Ahhh I need to follow more doggy pics on Insta! Cookie Cute, AHHH so darling! And LOVE Loki, he is gorgeous!

  9. Oh my gosh, how adorable. I need to follow these accounts! I love the camping one especially!

  10. I love animal instas! A few I follow:
    susiesseniordogs (susie above is the inspiration for this awesome foundation)
    peteythepoodle (a rescue from susies!)

  11. I see more pet instagrams in my future. I already follow a few and end up sending my husband pictures of animals that aren't ours lol.

  12. Oh gosh, I just went and followed all of these. They're seriously just way too cute!! You can't never have enough cuteness in your day! :)

    Stephanie @ Sartorial Diner

  13. Cuteness overload! The Calvin & Hobbes one looks like one I need to check out!

  14. I follow most greyhound accounts because I'm totally sighthound biased (which I blame my greyhound for, he taught me these bad habits). We are @canIdecideanotherday. BUT my favorite acct is @anubis_the_greyt. The captions are hilarious.