October 15, 2015

Fall Swag Swap!

Happy mail is one of my favorite things. I love coming home to a package, especially when it's for me, and what's inside is a surprise! That's why I love blogger swaps so dang much. When Lindsay  announced she was teaming up to host a fall-themed swap I immediately hopped on board!

I was lucky to be paired with one of the lovely hosts, Amy from Set Free. She's a teacher, a mom and a lover of  coffee, essential oils, books, wine, nail polish, and spending time with her family. All things I can agree with!

Of course meeting new bloggers is half the fun, but let's get on to the goodies!!!

Amy nailed it on my swag - a "pumpkin everything" theme with a little Laura twist thrown in (beer)!

I mean look at this - it's a dress for a beer bottle! It screams Oktoberfest no? And you can't tell from this picture but uh - the dress is padded - so your bottle gets a rack!

And this pumpkin caramel corn? Don't even get me started. It was gone in 24 hours. Too good (and the boyfriend found it).

I loved the scarf and I cannot wait to make these pumpkin blondies.

But my absolute favorite thing? She included Gunner in the goodies with his very own pumpkin pie squeaker. Just look at his face!

I can't wait to see Amy's take on her swag. I hope it brought her as much joy as her package brought me!
Happy Fall Y'all!

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  1. This is awesome! I'm so glad this was a good experience for you. Amy is a sweetheart! Thank you so much for participating!

  2. I need a dress for my beer bottle! How cute:)

  3. OMG I want to do a swap! And I want fun beer likes, like boobs for my bottles! That's so awesome.

  4. I am dying for the picture of a beer wearing that :) So fun!

  5. OMG pumpkin caramel corn?!?!?!? YUM! And that bottle dress is about the cutest damn thing I ever did see!

  6. What a great box! That popcorn looks amazing and that bottle dress is too cute!!

  7. Such a great box. So glad you had a great experience. Thanks for being part of the swap.

  8. All the pumpkin things! Yum, popcorn is my favorite! And that little dress for a beer bottle? So Fall it hurts lol

  9. Haha...so glad you loved it! I finally posted today...my life lately, always late! So...I got the dress at World Market and they have a boy one too. :) You might need it. And I love that you noticed the dress was padded! So glad Gunner loved the pie...he is such a cutie. So glad I met you through this swap!

  10. Oh my gosh! That was one of the cutest box ever!! I loved the dress and it was sweet to include your doggie! He is adorable too! I love caramel corn so it would have been gone that fast with me too!