October 13, 2015

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | The one about this weekend

I'm a little behind this week if you couldn't tell by my late weekend recap on a Tuesday afternoon.

Hey, #shithappens. 

Anyways, we've made it to humpday so let's do the darn thing! Make sure you say hi to my lovely co-host Lauren. And why not link up with Alanna for confessions too? Two birds. One stone. You know I'm all about that!
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Going back to your college town, with one specific reason in mind (drinking), is rough to say the least. Thus I have some confessions from this weekend to share today.

First off, getting old sucks. For lots of reasons like, 1) having to pay the tab for the college kids, 2) feeling like an old lady everywhere you go, and 3) having no tolerance built up #itwasashitshow #andifundedit

I don't mind paying for things, especially for my sister's birthday, but that overdraft notice Monday morning was a bitch #fml #ofcoursethathappened #howmanyshotsdidwedo?

While I am very impressed with my sister making it to 21+ drinks (which I definitely didn't do on my 21st) I felt a little lied to. Like how did you have this super power all a long and I didn't know? #ithoughtiwasthedrunkinthefamily

The thing I am most mortified about from the weekend was running into my "advisee" from my sorority. I don't take being an advisor all that seriously, but I would like to keep up the impression  that I am a successful, functioning adult around her, which I am sure was not apparent when we met for the first time at the bagel shop at 1 AM. It's just really not the sort of thing I wanted her to know about. The whole encounter was a little fuzzy but I know I was slightly shocked that she knew me right away #notagoodsign. Hopefully nothing too horrible was said and  I was informed it was mostly hugging and loud noises #drunksororitygirlsunite #atthispointiwastoodrunkforabagelletaloneaconversation

Apparently we also went through the coffee drive-in prior to bagels #musthavebeenpukinginthebushes #notringinganybells

In non-drinking news I also ate all the things this weekend. Like a burger with jalepeno artichoke dip on top smothered in more cheese and more jalepenos with beer battered fries. And my all-time favorite  breakfast, a french toast sandwhich benedict, yes it's as magical as it sounds. #caloriesdontcountinacollegetown #ididhaveonesidesalad #iddoitallagain

The final realization from this weekend is that I really, really miss college. I know a lot of people say it's NOT the "best years of your life" but I have to argue that. Classes sporatically throughout the week and day, no real responsibilities, a town full of your best friends, and drinking without hangovers? Those were the best years ever. More awesome than I ever realized. I wish I had appreciated it more. #takemeback #dontgraduatein4ifyoucanhelpit #bestdaysofmylife

Now I'm back to detox and veggie overload. Send prayers for my liver.

Happy humpday ladies! Link up and pop over to Alanna & Co. too!

Alanna & Company
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  1. LOL to the overdraft notice on Monday morning. Like seriously, what a shit way to get reality slapped back into you, huh?! Glad you had a fun weekend though, friend! Enjoy your detox week...just remember, the weekend is only a few days away ;)

  2. haha... doesn't it bite when you feel like the 'old' one of the group :)
    (FYI - your link up says it starts in 6 days???)

  3. Nothing makes me feel more old and out of touch than going back to my college town. I'm always like I'm only a few years out I can rough it with the college kids! Nooope. Sadly I somehow lost my ability to handle that hot mess express.

  4. I haven't been back to my college town in years!!! Like the year after I graduated was the last time. I wonder if anything has changed? Youths!!! LOL! I hate when my bank account reminds me to calm the efffff down. Oh also, your link up says it doesn't start for another 6 days.

  5. Thanks for the shoutouts! I love the I thought I was the drunk in my family! I definitely am in my family...However I'm an only child...I feel you on the school part.

  6. oh man. I always revert to college kasey when I get back to athens. 100%. like dead phone, hard headed, stomping a mile back home by myself Kasey. haha

  7. oh gooooooosh! The overdraft on the shots...I feel you! #MemoriesFromMyEarlyTwenties

  8. Somehow I have to start remembering that I can't add my link to your link up at work. Next week. If it makes you feel any better I am the loser that still overdrafts my account with bar tabs in my 40's. Hey... #YOLO

  9. Eating all the things is pretty much my favorite passtime. I would NOT turn down a french toast sandwich!

  10. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I feel you on the lack of tolerance. I could totally hang with the boys when I was in college....now after two drinks I'm like "nap time!".