October 16, 2015

"Fall About Me"

Fall about Me fall leaves

I'm still a little out of sorts after my epic weekend, the craziness that insued, and then the near car accident and zero sleep that happened Tuesday night. Then almost forgetting the Fall Swag Swap link up and having to throw that in on Thursday. The result is post I meant to have out Monday, coming to you on a Friday. Better late than never right?

So today you get this fun fall post Martina tagged me for. Here we go!

Golden Retriever in fall leaves

favorite candle scent — I love Hot Buttered Rum from Bath and Body Works (which I can't find online and now I'm panicking that it's discontinued, eeek!), close seconds are Leaves and Winter. I haven't tried this Sweater Weather one everyone is talking about but I bet I'd like it too.

coffee, tea or hot chocolate? — Um all? I'm a new coffee lover but I still would pick a chai over coffee. And hot cocoa is more of a Christmas-time thing for me.

what is the best fall memory you have — I have so many! We used to, as a big extended family, rake the leaves of the huge oak tree in my Grandmother's front yard. All the aunts and uncles, cousins, etc would get together to do this, resulting in a leaf pile that was out of this world. One year I remember it being taller and wider than my dad's Tahoe. Seriously! So with this big leaf pile comes lots of jumping and playing. It was a special time with my family and I'll always remember it. Close second would be my year on Homecoming committee at the U of I!

colorful fall leaves

best fragrance for fall — whatever body splash I grab in the morning. I'm not much of a perfume person, but I generally mix it up on a daily basis. All 3 in my drawer right now are super old, 1 Victoria Secret one and 2 Bath and Body Works ones.

favorite Thanksgiving food — EVERYTHING! I think if I really had to choose it would be between stuffing and green bean casserole. The stuffing has to have gravy over it though. Yummmm. Man can it just be Turkey Day already?!

most worn sweater — my favorite sweater is sweatshirt material, cream with gray stripes, but it has a lace detail on the shoulders. It's so comfortable and cute and goes with everything.

football games or jumping in leaf piles — years ago, as noted above, leaves, today, football!

favorite type of pie — apple hands down. I like the kind with the crunchy toppings (dutch I think it's called?)

what is autumn weather like where you live — amazing while it lasts. 60s and 70s and a little rain here and there as the leaves turn. And I live in a town literally named "The City of Trees" so talk about fall color!

fall colors in Boise, Idaho

which makeup trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged liner — I'm a winged liner type of gal.

what song really gets you into the fall spirit — hmmmm the Remember the Titans soundtrack?

is pumpkin spice worth the hype — in coffee? No. In everything else, (and pumpkins in general) Yes.

mini fall pumpkins

favorite fall TV show — I'm hoping New Girl is going to start up soon!

skinny jeans or leggings? — Both! I live in skinny jeans so I like when sweater weather rolls around again and I can pull of leggings and boots as a break from the jeans.

combat boots or Uggs — Uggs. Well fake-uggs (Costco) because I can't afford the real thing.

Halloween: yay or nay — Yay to carving pumpkins and handing out candy, nay to dressing up and making a big deal out of it.

fall mornings or evenings — Evenings for fall dog walks with Gunner

walking the dog in the fall
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what do you think about Black Friday? — I'm big on Black Friday shopping although this year, due to budget restraints, I might skip it.

one Fall 2015 trend you love — booties!

Ok, who wants to play along?
Kasey @ Kasey at the Bat
Kimmi @ Chaos and Cocoa
And YOU! You should join in too even if I forgot to list you here...
Tell me "fall" about you please!
Happy Friday loves,
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  1. Ooooh! Winter is my NUMBER ONE favorite scent ever!! Obsessed with it!

  2. I love this, I may play along :)! Apple pie is seriously the best!!

  3. We already have a count down for black friday going on between my mom, sister and I!!!! I always feel like I am on a budget when I go though. Darn Christmas shopping!!! My favorite candle scents are leaves and marshmallow fireside. Annnnnd this post basically just makes me want to curl up with some apple pie and hot coco! Happy Friday~!

  4. Love your favorite shirt-the lace detail is so pretty & the fall colors in Boise are so stunning!

  5. The Remember the Titans soundtrack is one of the very best ever! I never thought about it reminding me of fall but it so does.

  6. Yay I am so glad you tagged me cause I LOVE fall!!! I wanna take my doggie for a walk this weekend thanks to this post. Winston will be so grateful!

  7. I do black friday. But I do it online to avoid the crowds ;)

  8. So much yes to the Remember the Titans soundtrack...and like half the things on this list. I love fall.

  9. I agree with so many of your answers! Especially Halloween. I wish I lived in a house instead of an apartment so I could pass out candy! Also I was MIA for a while and totally missed the car accident thing...yikes! Glad you're okay (or so it seems?)!

  10. I think I was equally as jealous last year as I am this year about all of your fall trees. The biggest woe of living in Florida!! Yes, i shall join in :)

  11. Oh, this is a cool post idea, love it!

  12. Hi! So I'm a new reader! Ha..found you through the fall swag swap and I'm loving your blog. I love this post about fall too! I might have to snag it and do it myself. :) yes to fall leaves jumping! I love it as well. I loved your fall memory! So sweet.

  13. I love your blog! Have a nice weekend:)


  14. I'm totally with you on the hot chocolate thing. I've never understood it's connection to fall because it's always been a winter/christmas/snow thing for me!

  15. Hot buttered rum candle?! Where have I been all this time that I never knew about this scent! I also love apple pie and make it every single fall!

  16. hahaha fake uggs all the way, who can afford the real ones?! i'll have to check out costco's selection next time i am there because my current ones are falling apart. i love hot chocolate and hot tea all year round lol. and omg apple pie with the crumbly things, yes please!! i am totally gonna do this, because you said 'you' and you is me. so. doing it.

  17. Favorite thanksgiving food = EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are two peas in a pod.

  18. chai is my go-to as well, I prefer it to most everything! Oregon Chai has the best sugar free pre-made mix that I LOVE! I also try to get in as many dog walks as I can this time of year, because it def dies out with Kansas nasty winters.

  19. That photo of the trees and the water is insanely beautiful! Gorgeous colors and nice work by the photographer ;)

  20. This is so adorable! Thanks for tagging me I can't wait to participate!!!!!

  21. I love this post, and your blog. I might have to do this type of post myself.

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