November 4, 2015

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | The one about how I suck at being consistent

For the last couple months I've been on a kick to really grow this space, make it better and turn it into a meaningful business. I've done webinars and scoured Pinterest for tips. I've tried to invest in better content and spend time commenting and reaching out to new bloggers.

Then I have a weekend/week like this and all of that goes out the window. 

We've all heard it. The #1 Tip for Blogging: Be consistent. Post consistently. Comment regularly. Consistent. Consistent. Consistent.

So when I decide to take almost a week off that fairs badly for that "I'm going to be an awesome blogger!" mindset I had going for a while...

It's not just in blogging that I struggle for consistency though. I'm all over the place, all the time.

But before I get into my inconsistency problems, go say hi to my co-host in crime Lauren. Then make sure to link up with Alanna for Confession too, because why not get more bang for your hashtag buck?

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Ok back to my consistent inconsistency.

As I mentioned before blogging consistently is often a problem for me. I'll have weeks when I post five times a week and then other weeks where I post twice. This is probably one of those 2x weeks, in case that wasn't apparent #iblamedaylightsavings

Working out is also one of those things in which I would benefit from consistency. I went to the gym on Friday for the first time in months. I waddled the rest of the weekend #legdaybro

Of course the BF likes to point out I wouldn't be that sore if I went regularly #noshit #youreagenius

Throw in eating habits paired with those above workout habits  and you have my usual downward spiral. Eat like a rabbit for two weeks, then like a cow (a cow that eats pizza and pasta and cookies) the next ten #itsaboutbalance

How about cleaning? Should be a weekly or even daily thing right? Typically I clean the whole house on Sundays. I do that a few weeks. Then I don't #itgetsdusty #dontjudgeme #ijustwannalaydown

Another struggle I have is spending time with and keeping up with friends in a regular fashion. One week it's tow girls nights, a birthday party, time with my family and texts non-stop daily. The next week I hide my phone and lock myself in with Netflix #beingsocialishard

Finally, and the worst of all my inconsistency, is actual work at my actual job. Some days I crush it, some days are for blogging and insta instead #ineedtogetmyshittogether

So how do you stay consistent? I know I've asked a lot of questions lately, but apparently I really need some help #consitencypitypartyofone

Is this something a planner would solve? I think I need a planner...

Or a vacation. Or a stiff drink.

You linking up would help for sure though, so go right ahead.

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  1. Lol, story of my consistently inconsistent life! I've been working on slowly getting better about being consistent with posting and commenting, but I am definitely considering investing in a planner. Maybe if I SEE it written down I'll feel bad if I don't do it, haha. You're not alone friend. Rejoice! xo

  2. I cant keep the cleaning thing in check either. I say I take my yearly vacations to clean - that's sad.

  3. one word: ROUTINE. i'm a very routine-based person so i do the same things each day/week in order for me to feel sane. for example exercise - if you want to be consistent with that, work out the same time, same days for 4wks straight in order for that to be part of your daily routine. if you work out here or there at different times, it will be impossible for you to adapt that into your daily life.

    eating is the same - if you eat clean every day for 4wks, it will become part of you. (btw, "you" = general you, not you you).

    so for me, routine is the key to maintain my sanity with things i need to do, daily workouts, eating clean, managing a house, taking care of a kid, food prep for the week .... and now that work is starting, i've had to adjust the schedule again!

  4. Right before I read your last few sentences I was going to suggest a planner. Mine saves my life. I would be a wreck without it. No, I AM a wreck without it. But that keeps me on track schedule-wise... mentally I'm all over the board. Adulting is hard so give yourself a break!

  5. Haha I am right with you about everything except blogging. I love my blogging routine. I keep it very regimented and I love it. Otherwise, cleaning, laundry, working out, etc. I'm totally not consistent with. I really try to keep a routine but it's tough because there's always things popping up here and there that throw me off.

  6. I call shenanigans! You will always waddle after leg day. It's a fact I've come to accept. But sore means good which means your muscles are growing! But for reals, I'm on the whole struggle consistency train too - but now I finally feel like I have my life in working order. Only took four months to get into a routine.

  7. I wish I could help you. I have a planner and it does help but I am in a really bad non-routine place right now especially with blogging. Missing your link up again because... lazy rules!!!

  8. I have a planner but feel like I need my physical planner to sync with my Google calendar, lol. I'm a bit lazy especially when it comes to consistency. Good luck and definitely let us know if you find some good tips!

  9. I'm with Kathy: being in a routine makes my life sooo much simpler. Yes it is kinda boring, but I know when I should be where and I have time to make for activities I want to do (blogging, working out, etc). There are days that sometimes get mixed up, but it's very rare. The biggest thing a routine did was make me feel old, but that's ok because feeling old gets me to bed by 9:30 most nights which means I actually get enough sleep and I don't feel like a zombie during the day, which means I'm more productive.

  10. Reading this I just realized how inconsistent I am because it's pretty much my life! Especially with the gym, social life and that working at work vs. blogging at work thing. Shhh don't tell anyone :)

  11. i think you need a planner, a stiff drink AND a vacation because why not!
    girl i am SO inconsistent with everything it's not even funny. whatever. that's life. i've come to own it haha. sometimes i clean up everyday, sometimes i don't clean up for a week/month. same with working out. every time i go to the gym, i can't walk for a week and then i don't go back to the gym for a month (or two). and yeah right now i *should* be working but.. ahem. so girl i feel you. that's life!

  12. I really think you and I would be best friends in real life. Every time I read a post I'm like yup, yes, check, me too. I have a planner that I color code and sticker the heck out of but that doesn't make me consistent. I'm the same way with my blog, my life, my exercise routine, my eating habits. I cannot stick to a routine.

  13. Ugh I'm with you on the working out, I've been meaning to, but I just want to eat all the foods and nap!

  14. Hahaha oh this is SO me. The eating, the working out, the working...oy.

  15. My planner DOES help, but I still struggle girl! I think they key for me has been working on one little area/thing at a time. A couple weeks ago I decided to workout 3x a week. I didn't want to go most days, but now that I've done it almost 3 weeks in a row, it's becoming normal, and becoming a habit. Then I can continue on that and add something else in- like coming up with a cleaning routine that works for me, etc. It's hard and I still fail, but as long as I'm improving over time I feel okay ;)

  16. I think a planner, stiff drink, and a vacation sounds like the perfect plan! ;) I struggle with the working out/eating too. And the cleaning routine. We have stuff everywhere right now, and I'm like meh...

  17. I struggle with the eating more than anything. It is so hard to be on track all of the time!!! I also struggle with using my planner regularly. LOL soooo there is just one more thing to fail at in my book!!!

  18. I'm not a consistent blogger, either. I used to be... sometimes I still am... but mostly I'm all over the place. I don't really care too much though to be honest, even though BLOGGING SOCIETY TELLS ME I SHOULD. I do what I want. :)

  19. A planner ain't gonna help you, girlfriend. I'm speaking from experience. I tried to do the same thing. life is life and it gets in the way! I'm mostly sticking with a M/W/F schedule and that's worked for me. But it doesn't every week. Same with eating. And wanting to shut off my phone. Do what makes you happy, lady.

  20. My biggest problem is consistency too. I get busy with real life and blogging is just so much effort. It's difficult. But it is also frustrating when you want to grow and expand your blog. But you can't just not work or have a life. If you find that magic solution please inform me. I'd say it's not a planner though because I bought a cute one in September used it for maybe two weeks and now I couldn't even tell you where it is. Oops.

    1. Girl, YES! To everything you said lol…my pretty planner is currently sitting in front of me and I'm using it for scratch paper since I haven't used it for anything else.

      Kaitlyn @

  21. #noshit #youreagenius haha, right?! You said eat like a rabbit, then like a cow, amen! That's me over here. One week I want to be healthy, the other week that dozen box of halloween doughnuts is saying, screw diets, lets be friends. Cute blog. Love your fur kid!

    Kaitlyn @

  22. Consistency is tough, but it is helpful. Sometimes you just need to find the groove. Pick one thing to be more consistent about and then grow from there. YOU GOT THIS!

  23. When it comes to blogging, consistency is my least favorite word. Most times I have no idea what to write about or I'll start a post and realize I'm whining so I close it, with every intention to clear my head and start again, and then I just don't do that. My other problem is that sometimes I'll read someone's post and like it but will have nothing to comment on. Or I'll haven commented on that person's blog before and haven't gotten a response. #girlbye.

    The only thing I'm consistent with is being a no-reply blogger. I mean, whatever. I blame Google.