December 9, 2015


Between being away from work for a week and a half, my swirling emotions and the holiday craze I'm one break down away from the loony bin friends. But more on that to come.

Happy Humpday and thanks so much for stopping by. I'm still in disbelief my gal pal Lauren and I have had this link up over a year, that it hasn't bit the dust, and that it still continues to grow! I want to give a big thanks to all who linked up last week for the 1 year party, and apologize for not reading and commenting. I promise I will, someday...

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Ok, let's get into my loco-ness shall we?

Yesterday I went ahead and vented about Engagement Season. It stinks and I feel stuck and I hate it all getting rubbed (even though not meant to be) in my face. Status update #stillnoring

If jealous crazy wasn't enough I also have stressed crazy going on. It's like two weeks till Christmas! Ok a little more than that, but that's not a lot. And I need to get most of my gifts still. Ok maybe just a few, but they are the tough ones.  Oh AND I have no money to buy gifts and every time I come home with one the BF makes a comment about me somehow having money for gifts when I have no money #IKNOWIMPOORSHUTUP #debtforchristmas #luckyme

On top of that is our Ugly Sweater Party this weekend that I have done zero to prepare for. The to-do list is 90 things long but instead last night I wrapped presents #toooverwhelmingtoevenstart

Plus Christmas is supposed to be this happy, merry, fun time for couples to enjoy together. For example picking out a Christmas tree - one of my favorite traditions! Instead, insert an afternoon of bickering, then silence, then getting overruled and ending up with a fake tree #ihadtohidethetears #itsnotreallychristmaswithoutarealtree

What made it even worse is that I agreed with every single reason to get a fake one. Easy to put up. Easy to take down. Pre-lit. No needles. No crawling under the tree to water it. It makes sense. And I still hate it #stuckinmyways

It really is a pretty tree though. You can even switch between colored LEDs and white LEDs. The tiny bit of Christmas joy left in me after the whole debacle loves that #prettylightsmakemehappy

Note above the obvious mood swings brought upon by just a tree #coocooforcocoapuffs

Of course I have to admit I wouldn't be so close to crazy town if it wasn't for work. We had an amazing trip to convention in Las Vegas, and then we come back to the real world again this week. Already this week has been full of drama, shit, and feeling insignificant again #readyforittogetbetter #sendbooze

This sounds like a lot of complaining, and maybe it is. Really I'm not unhappy - I'm just really, really close to losing it #prayicankeepittogether

What are you crazy over this week friends? Link up and join me in loony toons here!

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  1. We all have one of those weeks. Hell, some of us have one of those months, one of those years........ I will say, the year I bought a fake tree, I hated it. Now, I like the ease of it. #myassislazy

  2. Oh friend, bah hum bug for all of the yucky feels :( I hope your holiday season swings around ASAP and some of the stress you're holding falls off! If nothing else, grab yourself a cup of cocoa, throw on some Elf and ignore everyone ;) lol! Xoxo

  3. Oh girl - I get it, Christmas brings out all the stresses that you never thought you could have.

  4. i get it! i've been so overwhelmed with work that i dont have time for much else. i hope things get better for you soon!

  5. Geez. You need some Christmas movies, hot cocoa, and a nice week away from the world. Your tree situation made me so sad... (My husband has always had a fake tree but he knew part of the marriage deal was a real tree every. single. year.) I hope your work situation gets better!! Complain all you want- that's what blogs are for! ;)

  6. Oh lady, I'm so sorry about the stress, in the personal life and at work. Everything will happen in good time <3! And bummer about the tree, I had a bit of a debacle with my husband last weekend and it's no fun when part of the Christmas spirit is taken away.

    Grab yourself some wine, a cupcake and then get after that list. I know you'll get everything done and remember, people will have fun no matter what, cause um, you're awesome!

  7. I feel you so much on this + I really just want to give you a hug + go out for margaritas. I feel like they would help..

  8. I am crazy too. I feel like I am absolutely hemorrhaging money tight now and I can't stop, won't stop. I mean I have 3 kids so I have shit to buy but I am spending on myself too... dumbass. Oh well, it's just money. we will make more!Hang in there. Let's drink!!!

  9. I'm with you on the Christmas mood swings. I'm so angry I have to go to work every day when all I want to do is watch Christmas movies and bake cookies. I intentionally close my door so I don't scream at someone for asking me to do a task during Christmas month. I'm protecting my co-workers from the crazy. I wish I could send booze to your house...or invite you down here for some.

  10. That is what humpday is all about. So many people get extremely stressed around the holidays and then everyday life also adds to that. Take a 30 second dance party and get some of that shit out!

  11. I started wrapping gifts last night too! I was so pumped about it but then quickly lost steam...shit is hard work!

  12. awe it sounds like it has been a rough week. And it is only Wednesday. Boo!!! Maybe you secretly love your fake tree and you just hate to admit it. We have a fake tree and I love it. I can just go down in my garage and get it when I want to put it up. It is saving the environment and none of those needles and watering! I am a little off with my Christmas cheer right now too, maybe it will find us both! In the mean time, deep breaths. Oh, and beer!

  13. I'm really sorry you are having a tough week. Christmas can be so stressful. I'm with you on not having money for gifts (Thank you, Chicago rent) and somehow having to buy them anyways.

  14. I'm secretly happy I won my fake tree argument with my husband. He said "we get real trees in this household" and then when the day came to go pick out a real tree, he was too hungover and just wanted to get the fake tree and be done with it. But hey, I'll take it! I've never had a real tree so I don't know the difference or the great experience of it.

  15. I was debating a real tree this year but I've never had one and totally don't know how to choose one, take care of one, etc.

    I have an ugly sweater party this year and thought mine was bad, and then my boyfriend totally got one that's way worse. I'm jealous.

  16. Do you have an ugly sweater already??? I always want to buy them but then I hold back because I don't want to pay full price for something that is literally UGLY. lol

  17. I am so late for replying this week but I hope your week got better!