December 7, 2015

Vegas Baby!

Hello everyone! I have missed you!

I will try and get caught up with everyone this week, but no promises. Tis the season and it seems like everyday is a whirlwind #amiright?

Today I just wanted to give you a little  in depth recap of my work trip to Sin City!

It wasn't all-nighters, gambling and shenanigans like you may have expected from me.

Though there was beer. Lots of beer. FREE beer. I'll hit on that shortly.

We flew out Sunday afternoon, which turned into Sunday evening due to flight delays. The usual in my life of course. My coworker and I settled for a quick dinner before meeting up with the rest of the crew who had flown/drove down earlier. 

We found them at just the right time as they sat down at the "triangle bar" (IAFE's main hangout outside of convention) with the Fair's ticketing partner, and we were able to have a few drinks on them to cap off our first night.

Monday started convention and the usual giddiness I always get. There's nothing like the Fair industry. Every single person at this convention (almost 2,000) are in the business of creating fun for their communities. And guess what kind of people those are? Besides driven, knowledgeable and friendly? They are FUN people. I love getting to go to convention and surrounding myself with them. 

Time and time again it reminds me why I do what I do.

Plus Leinenkugels is a convention sponsor, and therefore I drank for free every day. Best convention ever? You're telling me! Also, Terry Fator was one of our speakers opening day! 

After workshops all day my coworkers and I headed to our entertainment booking company's showcase. I didn't know quite what to expect, but we entered a swanky suite complete with open bar, food and a corner set up with instruments for the performances. 

You would think in a hotel room with minimal equipment the performers might not sound great. That was not the case. First up, Rachel Platten (mind you I'm about 10 feet from her) had the most beautiful voice I had ever heard in person. She nailed it. We were all so enthralled by her that my boss had our booking agent introduce us, yes I got a hug *fan girl squeals*!

But that was just the beginning. We also heard from Mickey Guyton, Tracy Lawrence, one other country performer and Chase Bryant. Oh and Chase was standing right behind me for like 5 whole minutes before I realized it and I totally missed my chance with him. 

On high from the show we headed off to dinner at PF Changs, which never ceases to amaze me. It was so good, and due to food overload I passed out shortly after.

Tuesday morning I was to present a workshop on sponsorship. Guess what I did about 15 minutes before that? Dumped, no exploded coffee creamer all over me and a table. By some miracle my pants easily brushed off the mess. But it was too late for the curses I had sent out across the room in front of my peers. Oops!

Presentation went great as did the rest of the programming that day. That night we headed to another "party" hosted by one of our partners, this time our ticketing company. We drank free drinks till our hearts content and then I dragged my coworkers to one of my favorite places for dinner, Hash House A Go Go. Go go and bring you appetite if you are ever in Vegas!
Food coma number two resulted in yet another early night in.

Wednesday however I was determined to go out. Following the remaining workshops that day was IAFE's award gala, where we took home a prize or two. I was on cloud nine and ready to celebrate so we all headed to Fremont Street. Since it was opening night of the NFR there was live music! Once again I got treated to great performances, like Chris Janson. However this time I had to buy my own beer. After a jaunt around downtown we made our way up for the finale of our visit, the Zoomline over Fremont Street! 

To be honest, I don't know I'd do it again. We bought tickets for a very specific time slot, and instead waited more than an hour in line, in the cold (yes it was COLD in Vegas). It was fun, but not really worth the wait and money. Still I can say I've done it!

Thursday we headed home. I was sad to leave the sunshine and the amazing people at convention, but so glad that I had the opportunity to go!

Have you had an amazing work trip? What's your favorite place or thing to do in Vegas?

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  1. see, it wasn't all that bad right?! best work trip was when i went to cali for training, we rented a car, drove to vegas, spent the weekend there, drove back and then day after training was done, we toured california! my husband (then boyfriend) decided to ride on our coat-tails so he tagged along! it awesome!

  2. Goodness what a busy, but fun time, friend! I've been to Vegas twice and the next time we go, I want to go and check out the shows and other things around the city! xo

  3. I have never been on a work trip, but free beer definitely doesn't make it sound so bad!

  4. You had me at free beer!!!

  5. Boo at it being cold in Vegas, when I went in May for my friends bachelorette, it was chilly at night which sucked! That work trip sounds like a blast, you were so close to Rachel Platten, how stinkin cool!!! And all the free beers, yes!!

  6. That's it, I need to plan a trip to Vegas. I need to go back. I've only been there once but I loved it!

  7. You were busy! I'm glad you ended up having a fun time- it's so cool that you saw all those performances! I think I'd really like to visit Vegas some day!

  8. It sounds like a lot of fun on your trip!!! And it helps that you enjoy what you do too :) We go to Orlando every year for a company retreat. We sit in meetings for a day but at night they take us to these fabulous, fancy restaurants and allow us an open bar. It is nice to get to know the people in the other offices since we are spread throughout the country but are on the smaller side. I've never been to Vegas.

  9. Does your company have any openings?! That sounds like the best work trip ever! I never get to go anywhere fun and when I do have to go to conferences there definitely isn't beer involved!

    This post just makes me miss Vegas even more than I already do :(

  10. So neat that Terry Fator was one of your speakers! He's so fun! So glad your presentation went well! So glad you had a fun time!

  11. How fun!!!!! I'm sorry you had to buy your own beer that one time though... :( lolololol ;P

  12. I have never been to Vegas but have always wanted to go! Your job sounds pretty amazing if you get to take a work trip there for a few days.
    P.S. - I don't know if this is just my computer or what but there is a huge picture of a girl with a headset that is taking up the top left corner of your blog. And the link for the Zoomline takes me to some website called Slotzilla! :(

  13. Look at you with a trophy! And, you had me at FREE BEER.