December 30, 2015

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | The one before Whole30

It's the last #hashtaghumpday of 2015! I'm still in disbelief. That means there will now be #hashtaghumpdays dated 2014, 2015 AND 2016! I mean it's like an institution, or at least around here it is!

Before we get into it, let me remind you you have a plethora of link ups to confess your face off to every Wednesday. #Hashtaghumpday with Lauren and I of course, Alanna for confessions as well as Plucky in Love, and then Kathy and Nadine! So much humpity-hump-day love!

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So necessity has morphed today's hashtag/confession session into something a little different, because I also need to delve into the major undertaking Amy and I are planning on starting next Monday - Whole30. I was supposed to do that yesterday, but a Christmas recap won out #becausechristmas

Here's the thing, I'm sure to a lot of you Whole30, or any other drastic lifestyle change, sounds silly, non-sustainable, and not a good choice. Here's the thing, it's my choice and I know it will do my body good. Plus, it really, really has some interesting points and goals so I'm going to share those with you today both as they relate to the program and to me #solistenup

More than anything, in my opinion, Whole30 is an elimination diet to find out what foods your body isn't actually happy with consuming. You may not even realize the things you've eaten all your life have side effects on your body, because you've lived with that effect constantly. Crazy to think about right? Thus Whole30 cuts out major diet components that could be causing inflammation, allergic reactions, poor digestion and interference with your gut bacteria #basicallythegoodstuffgoes

Here's the cuts #yeahiknowitsoundscrazy

After the program you slowly introduce those foods back into your diet and see what your reaction is. The 30 days allow for them to clear out of your system so you can feel the full effects, if there are any, afterwards. Cool right? #SAYYES

So here's why I think this is the right thing for me to do:

Skin issues. Seriously I'm a walking dermatologist's nightmare. I shared with you one issue I've been having at the end of this post, and let me tell you friends, it's the worst. Flaky, itchy, ugly and right at my hair line. The sad part? I think it might be related to diet #crossyourfingersthisisthefix #andthatitsnotgluten

Honestly if that alone clears up, this is totally worth it #teamnomoreflakes

Second, and the one that is totally cliche, is weight loss. I know it shouldn't be the ultimate goal, that my health should be it, but I can't help but want this to help the waistline too. Odds are it will. In my first failed attempt at Whole30 I still lost 6 lbs and that was half assing it! This time, hard core, I'm hoping to really change my body make up a bit #andfitbackinmypants

Mood help. I'm a bit of a wreck these days due to a lot of stuff at work and a little bit of personal life. You know what can make you feel so much better all the time? Good, wholesome food. No, really. The Whole30 program calls it Tigers Blood and you just feel renewed, positive, and so much happier. That's a hell of a good reason in my mind #happyfoods #happylife

And, to assist with my favorite thing (other than my dog) sleep. Yes, a healthy diet helps you sleep loads better! Plus I hope to add some more fitness into my life as well, which usually helps me snooze too #zzzzzzzzzzz

Are you trying something this year that will help you have better skin, lose weight, make you happier and sleep better? Do you want to? You can always join us for Whole30 -OR- just pick another bad habit to breakup with during our 30 day challenge that will make your life better #shamelessplug

The Breakup Challenge

Now it's time for prep, prep, and more prep. Amy had a great post about how she plans to tackle her second round. I spent a good portion of last night reading my Whole30 Book and then lying awake all night thinking about it - how hard it will be, how great it will be, and everything in between #letsmakeithappen

What are you hashtagging this week friends? What do you think of Whole30? Are you planning on giving up any bad habits with us?

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  1. my skin issues cleared up (dry, awful, flaky skin and awful eczema) 1 week after i cut grains from my diet and it's now bright, clear, amazing and i love it. i had eliminated all those other things long ago when i switched to clean eating back in 2012 so i guess i was doing the whole30 and didn't even realize it!

    i never ate legumes much or ever for that matter, very little dairy because too much makes my skin itchy which makes me sad because cheese and the only added sugar i consume is 1tsp a day in my morning coffee. that doesn't even make a dent or impact my skin/weight in any capacity. but wine, sorry...that's a staple; not too much of it (maybe half a glass twice a week). i think it's for public safety that i consume wine twice a week otherwise murderation of work humans would happen all day long.

    good luck on the challenge! you can do this!!!!

  2. More power to you! I think the Whole 30 sounds interesting (I've seen other bloggers do it, too), but I don't think it's my thing. At least not right now :) Good luck to you (and Amy), though!

  3. Good luck on that... I couldnt cut out all sugar... I love it too much :)

  4. OMG you are doing Whole30?! More power to you! I would never have the willpower haha


  5. Man this Whole 30 dealio seems to be pretty hardcore! I slashed alcohol from my diet though while I was marathon training and it did wonders for me. I'd SO be up to be part of this breakup challenge! Because well I need to breakup with foods that have too much crap in it and start a serious relationship with more raw foods that do more for my bod!

  6. I love this and I am confident that your skin will clear up! One of the biggest things that happens for me is the digestive issues, which I have all the time, completely disappear as does the bloat. Hello flat-ish tummy!!

  7. Ugh...I really should do something at least resembling this...but I can't even imagine it right now. I need cheese. And carbs.

  8. Wow, that's amazing! I don't think I could ever do it.

  9. I can't wait to follow your Whole30 progress! I've been really curious about the program! :)

  10. There are things that I would like to breakup with...none are food...should be but I'm just too weak to give some of the things up. I have been proud of myself, I have given up Little Debbie snacks. They were my weakness! No jokes, I used to hide them under the bed so nobody else would eat them. If I can continue my breakup with them, does that count?! :)

  11. seriously though, i could give up all the things.. except legumes. isn't that crazy? i could give up dairy or alcohol in a heartbeat. it wouldn't be easy but i could do it. i just really like legumes. a lot.

  12. I'm starting a "Whole 30" Jan 4th, too! I put the quotations because I'm going to pause half way through for a bachelorette weekend but intend on doing 30 days total when I resume. This will be my 4th round and it's seriously life changing for me. And I've seen improvements with all of the things you listed above!

  13. Gooooooood luck! I'm working on cutting down alcohol. Better sleep, better skin, better hydration.