December 29, 2015

The Christmas Recap & A Reminder

It's over. The most wonderful day of the year and "poof" it's over and gone. So quickly, like a flash. A flash that leaves you 10 lbs heavier, head full of fluff and merriment, and with very little desire to return to the real world. But we must. And that alarm going off Monday morning was the worst sound I think I have ever heard in my entire life. 

Of course I took almost zero photos to document the weekend, which means it was that good right?! 

I always manage to get photos of Gunner though. Like in his Santa Suit.

Still, I can't complain too much. I had a wonderful Christmas and long weekend, made extra long by the "sick" day I took Wednesday to sleep off the nasty cold that had come over me. While it was truly meant to be sick day, my sister was a little on to my motives, asking if I was "sick with Christmas spirit?" So what if I was? I needed that day and it was well spent. I topped it off with happy hour with some of my girlfriends and it was the perfect little holiday get together to start off my weekend. 

The friend dates continued into Christmas eve morning when I met with three of my closest childhood friends who hadn't all been together in  nearly three years! We caught up over an amazing breakfast at a local coffee shop just as a light Christmas snow started to fall outside the window. It was magical and so wonderful to see them all while they were home. 

That night I headed to my aunt's house with my family for our traditional Christmas Eve. It was full of more appetizers than should ever be eaten, rambunctious crazy cousins full of Christmas energy, and our adult gift exchange. Six cousins (well kids of cousins) between the ages of 2 and 11 makes for one not so quiet night. But it was tons of fun seeing their excitement when Santa stopped by and watching them open gifts.

Christmas Eve snow and dropping temperatures left for an eerie and slightly scary foggy drive home, but I made it in time for the end of the BF's family Christmas Eve.  I was spoiled with too much from his parents and sister, but it was a treat to get to see both families in one night.

Christmas morning was spent at my parents' opening our stockings, drinking Bloody Maries, too many presents and an epic quiche brunch. 

After we could manage to move after all the food and presents we headed home to bake some last minute items and head to the BF's aunt's house for Christmas dinner. Prime rib, turkey, all the fixings, plus pie... I was bursting at the seems!

We ended the night with Cards Against Humanity, which I was hesitant to play with the BF's extended family. I must have not been too embarrassed after a few glasses of wine though and won the whole game! I'm hilarious, what can I say? 

The rest of the weekend was spent after-Christmas shopping, dog walking, reading, pizza devouring and deep cleaning around the house (including my closet, wahooo!) to make way for our new gifts. 

Some of those new gifts I'm extra excited for? My Spiralizer, Paleo Cookbook and Inspiralized  Cookbook to use during my next round of Whole30

Don't forget, Amy and I are hosting the Breakup Challenge and taking on Whole30 together! We are encouraging everyone to join in and breakup with just one or more bad habits for a healthier you in the new year.

The challenge kicks off January 4th (NEXT MONDAY!) and look for the first Breakup Challenge post on the 5th, and every following Tuesday. We hope you will join us!

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas! Get in your holiday cheats now and join us next week!


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  1. hahahah that breakup challenge image/button is THE BEST and wins all the linkup buttons!!

    sounds like a fantastic holiday and now it's over womp, womp :( looking forward to reading all about the updates from everyone re: this challenge!

  2. I am so envious of all that pretty snow... and filled with RAGE over all the rain we have had/are having. So ready for our challenge! Can't wait to rock this together!

  3. Awww I love Gunner as Santa--so cute! I'm excited follow you along with your next Whole 30 challenge!

  4. I hate how fast it went too :( I love that break-up challenge image though! I'm definitely in need of breaking up with the holiday weight gain!

  5. aw how fun you and your girlfriends got to get together. that's the best, especially when it's been ages.
    the first time i played cards against humanity was with all of KC's family and I was a bit worried but it actually turned out fabulously because there were so many different senses of humour that it was a huge mess. and obviously i won as well as i am equally as hilarious as you ;)
    and yes. definitely 10lbs heavier. oops.

  6. Love the snowy walk photo and the family in front of the tree!

  7. I love Gunner in a Santa suit! We got to see both families on Christmas Eve, too, and it was great! Glad you had a relaxing weekend!

  8. Gunner is so cute! I didn't take any pictures either because it was just so busy and fun! Sometimes you just gotta put the camera down and be part of the fun instead of just taking photos of it!

  9. Oh my gosh! Gunner in the Santa suit - too damn cute! I love it! :)

    I didn't get pictures either. I was too busy hosting & then Christmas morning, I was still half asleep. Oops!

  10. I love that you took a "sick" day on Wednesday, I'm actually doing the same on Thursday because I need a "me" day and have plans to go dress shopping for my friend's wedding dress! It's so hard to be mindful of taking pictures when you are hvaing fun! Since it was my last xmas at home I wanted to take pictures with my family, but didn't focus on it the whole time! How awesome that you won Cards Against Humanity, love that game, but totally would be nervous to play it with my fiance's family!

  11. Gunner in his Christmas suit is so cute!

    I would be so embarrassed to play Cards against Humanity with my husband's family, but woohoo for winning! :) Glad you had a great Christmas. :)

  12. Sounds like a great Christmas! Your morning at the coffee shop with the snow sounds amazing! We didn't have snow here this year and while I hate snow 364 days of the year, I like a white Christmas! Maybe next year!