December 31, 2015

2015 in Review

It's the end of 2015. THE END. This year absolutely flew by, although I'm sure I say that every year. Maybe it's something about getting older, or maybe it was just one of those years.

While I sit here thinking about 2015, nothing immediately jumps out at me, but that's why I love doing these posts. It forces me to dig deep and uncover all the amazing things that the year brought me. And now, having done so, I see it really was a heck of a year!

January & February

I celebrated one of my close friend's cabin bachelorette parties, and took a long weekend trip up north to see two besties, my sister, and make to-die-for build-your-own Bloody Mary's. Those two months also contained Ted's first birthday and Gunner's second birthday including homemade pupcakes

March & April

March was treat yo' self month and I celebrated my 27th birthday as well as went to our first wedding of 2015. It also brought about a nasty cold and Gunner and I both had bronchitis. Plus, I must say with all the sick time spent at home, I hit my stride in the kitchen, with Golden Oreo Strawberry Cheesecake Bars, my on-repeat Crockpot Carne Asada, and the ever amazing Bacon Jalpeno Sweet Potato Mac and Cheese!

May & June

Now we're getting to the good stuff! May was a big month, with my first ever blogger's brunch and thinking more about this space of mine as well as the 2nd wedding of the year. It was also the month I prepped and left for my family vacation to Washington D.C.! With barely any time to recover, I was off on my next major trip of the year, New Orleans for Annie's bachelorette bash! Which reminds me... I still need to do a recap sometime.

July & August

July was Fair month and it was a marathon as usual although there was a wedding in there to keep me sane. Luckily August swooped in to save the day (and with a whole bunch more fun) with my Whole30 attempt, new blog design, See Spot Splash, doing the Idaho Wine Run with my best friend and another bachelorette party!

September & October

Labor day weekend held my 4th wedding of the year and I was overjoyed to be a bridesmaid! September also had fun things like my favorite pet insta accounts, online me vs real me and my oozing softball injury... and of course my first ever Half Marathon! Which leads me into October and my sister's 21st birthday and my trip to my Alma Mater to celebrate with her! I also stopped washing my hair daily (yikes) and had a pregnancy scare (even more YIKES!)

November & December

November was a slow but grateful month and I did some tailgating, made use of my dog park etiquette a few hundred times and re-shared the do's and don'ts of Black Friday shopping. We had an amazing Thanksgiving, the week of which also marked the 1 Year Link-aversary for #hashtaghumpday! December started off with a bang, going to Vegas  and winning awards at my annual Fair convention. The rest of December was spent in merriment with friends and family, including our 3rd annual Ugly Sweater Party. We celebrated a very blessed Christmas and I am excited to be ringing in the New Year with a challenge in bettering myself ahead of me!

So as I work my bum off till the wee hours of the morning tonight and we dive head first into 2016, I have quite a year to look back on and smile about. So cheers to 2015!

I want to say thank you to each and every one of you, as you made 2015, and this year on Life with Lolo, the best so far. I am grateful to head into 2016 with such amazing blogging friends!


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  1. What an awesome year! I'm glad we connected this year and looking forward to seeing what the future brings! :)

  2. aw what a fun year!! i can't wait to see what 2016 has in store for you, and of course to follow along like a true creep. happy NYE!

  3. Awww... fun year! I love that pic of you and your man at the wedding! Loved it on your Christmas card too, it's on my fridge lol. Happy New Year!

  4. Give me alllll the food from March/April please! Yum! Happy New Year's Eve!

  5. What an awesome year, friend!! And a super belated congratulations on your first marathon -- what an accomplishment! Can't wait to follow along to see what adventures come your way in 2016! xo

  6. Looks and sounds like an awesome year. 2016 is going to be great especially since we're starting it off with a great challenge! Happy New Year!!

  7. Cheers girl, looks like you had a wonderful 2015, holy bachelorette parties!! I hope 2016 is incredible for you friend! Happy New Year!!

  8. awesome and fun year! hope 2016 is just as amazing, if not more. happy new year, friend!

  9. Awesome recap! Looks like you had a great 2015! Happy New Year!! :D