January 5, 2016

Breakup Challenge 2016 | Preparing for Whole30 Success

Happy New Year! And happy Day 2 of the Breakup Challenge and Whole30 for Amy @ Crazy Wise Woman and me! Yippee! Only 28 more days to go...

The Breakup Challenge

Are you joining us for the Breakup Challenge? Did you pick one or more bad habits to break up with? Or are you going big and taking on Whole30? Be sure to grab the button and link up to kick off the challenge this week!

Even if you are just trying to eat healthier, the key to changing up your habits is planning and preparation. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. So don't let that be an option!

While I didn't get everything done I wanted to do, I still am prepared for an entire week's worth of food - all clean, Whole30 approved food. I always plan for dinners and make up breakfasts and lunches with leftovers and other items as I go. I did prep two breakfasts and one lunch for this week though! 

Here is how I prepared for Whole30 success:

Step one is planning. Plan your major meals and make note of some other items you'll need for lunches and breakfasts. I sat down and planned out tentatively what I wanted this week, and then I did the grocery list. This helps you only buy what you need. 
Here's the dinner menu this week:
  • Monday - Paleo Jalepeno Popper Chili in the Crock Pot (I use beef at turkey)
  • Tuesday - Chicken Apple Sausage, Pepper & Onion Stir Fry
  • Wednesday - Stuffed Bell Peppers
  • Thursday - Turkey Burgers in Lettuce Wrap with Oven Potatoes
  • Friday - Grilled Chicken & Veggies
  • Saturday - Leftovers/Throw-together
  • Sunday - Paleo Pizza Pie

Review your grocery list and fill in where needed. Even if you buy all the ingredients for your dinners you will still need fillers for breakfasts, lunches and maybe snacks, plus some staples for your pantry. Whole30 has a downloadable grocery list as a resource for you - by all means you don't need this all, but I like to highlight the things I do want!

Make room and clear out non-Whole30 foods. Deep clean your kitchen. Take all temptations out of your kitchen and take stock of what you may already have (meats, spices, etc.) I should have taken pictures of this - it was like my kitchen exploded. But having a de-cluttered, organized kitchen makes this process so much easier for me.

Shop! It might take more than one store to find all you need. Honestly I don't buy "organic" much of anything, mostly because of the cost. I do hit health food stores for items like coconut aminos, some organic/paleo sauces, and a few other items. Plus I hit Costco for big batches of veggies like spring lettuce mix, bell peppers and other things I know I can use before it goes bad. Here's what I ended up getting. 

Whole30 groceries

Prepare what you can. The more you have ready to go, the easier it will be and you won't be reaching for that cheat just because it's easy.

Whole30 Mayo

Here's what I did to prepare:
  • Made Whole30 Mayo
  • Made Whole30 Ranch (with the mayo)
  • Packaged Ranch in Dip/Dressing Size Packs
  • Hard Boiled Eggs for Snacks and Breakfasts
  • Cooked 2 Chicken Breasts in the Crockpot and Shredded It
  • Chopped Everything to go in Monday's Crockpot Dinner
  • Packed 2 "Breakfast Packs" to be topped with eggs (lettuce mix, 1/4 sweet potato, berries)
  • Packed 1 "Lunch Pack" to be topped with chicken and avocado (lettuce mix, pear, almonds, ranch dressing and La Croix)

hard boiled eggs

What I still want/need to do:
  • Chop Additional Veggies for Snacks/To Cook for Dinners
  • Make Clarified Butter
  • Make/Freeze Burger or Sausage Patties
Have a backup plan. Here's the thing, with a major change in your diet you are going to have moments when you really want something. Have a back up option. I don't like my coffee black, so I get caffeinated tea instead (I bought this and I'm OBSESSED). Sometimes I need something sweet, so I make sure to have bananas or berries on hand that I can top with some Sunbutter or coconut milk for "dessert." Having those options helps me better battle those cravings.

Whole30 breakfast
Meal 1, Day 1!!

Give yourself the pep talk and just do it! I took all my measurements and pre-photos on Sunday before we started. That was nearly pep-talk enough, yowza! Knowing that I want to make changes to my body and health are motivation for me, and that is what I focus on. I need to focus on how good I am going to feel, and how this is going to be a positive and hopefully life changing experience for me. Time to buck up and make it happen! 

Let's start 2016 of with a bang shall we?! For those of you who stuck through that whole post here's a birthday Urban Decay Naked Palette giveaway from the lovely Brittany! Happy birthday Brittany! Get entered and don't forget to link up for the Breakup Challenge!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

See you tomorrow for #hashtaghumpday lovers!

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  1. Dang girl, you are going to kill this challenge with all this preparation! I can't wait to see how it goes for you -- might be something I give a try next month as I try to get back into healthy eating ;) xo

  2. Great ideas! Funny I think we prepped the opposite... I did breakfast and lunch and plan to wing it for dinner. Did you use avocado oil for your mayo? I saw it at Costco but wasn't sure of the taste and or if it would work the same way. Do tell!

  3. the food prep kills me every week. you'd think i'd be used to it by now and that i'd do it without whining like a bitch but nope, still whining since jan 1 2012 LOL.

    you can do this! i love this challenge!! actually, i love anything health and fitness so i'm really looking forward to reading everyone's updates!

  4. You rock this thing, girl! I love all the food prep. :)

  5. Get it girl! I actually talk about meal planning today on my blog. I've decided it's the missing level of hell. SO. MUCH. WORK. But hopefully it will be worth it. Your foods look awesome!

  6. Girl that spaghetti pie thing sounds fabulous!!! Totally pinning that along with the other things you shared. And thanks for that list! I am such a dodo and bought soy sauce for something this week without realizing I couldn't have it. Duh!!!! I am with you on prepping being the biggest part of success! I will start linking up next week when I have my blogging shit together! I have been instagramming with your hashtag though! We so got this!!!

  7. Good job girl! I'm breaking up with multiple glasses of wine on weeknights. Cue sad face.

  8. Daaaaaaamn girl. There are people in my office who did whole30 and they acted tortured the whole time (though the one person is kind of a drama queen soooo...) I'm so proud of you for motivation yourself and I can't wait to see your progress. I may be incorporating a few whole30 approved recipes. There's a chicken salad that my one coworker makes religiously. Get it!

  9. Of course I'm intrigued and have been checking into this Whole30 stuff myself. It's going to have to become me sneakily working Whole30 meals into the meal prep and convincing the guy that he's already been eating it for a WHILE. Of course he wouldn't have to join, but...!

  10. omg that food looks delicious. are you sure it's not processed?! I'm hungry just looking at it..

  11. Good for you girl! I've never felt better in my life thank following a paleo lifestyle. One thing I wish I did last year was take measurements and photos. I didn't lose much but I lost the fluff and about 10 lbs in the process.
    The food is just so good and tasty, AND fulfilling.

    Have fun with this :)

  12. This is such an awesome post for anyone looking to change up their diet. Planning and preparing is my biggest downfall and why I fail time and time again. And it's super frustrating to know why I'm not successful but yet not doing anything about it. If I could give myself the side eye right now I would haha.