January 6, 2016

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | The first of 2016

What day is it? No really, I'm on the struggle bus this week what with starting The Breakup Challenge, being back at work and into a New Year (seriously how did that happen) and a few other things floating on my plate it's a little mind boggling.

Still I couldn't miss #HASHTAGHUMPDAY! The first of 2016!

Before we get into it, let me remind you you have a plethora of link ups to confess your face off to every Wednesday. #Hashtaghumpday with Lauren and I of course, Alanna for confessions as well as Plucky in Love, and then Kathy and Nadine! So much humpity-hump-day love!

#Hashtaghumpday @ Life with Lolo

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Ok let's get right on with it.

I haven't taken any Christmas decorations down yet. It's a combination of the fact it's been too cold outside to take down the one string of lights around my door, which I will have to put away with everything else, and the fact I'm just not ready to let go yet. Why does Christmas go by so quickly? #letshavechristmas365 #isitrednecktoleavemylightsuptillfebruary #cantletitgo #notready

So guess what the BF got me for Christmas? Are you thinking amazing, romantic and thoughtful? Good, because you're wrong. I got 3 boxes of Rubbermaid Tupperware. Does that spell love for you? Well let's just say it didn't for me. Before I even opened it he offered to take me shopping after Christmas to get my "real gifts" but still. #hadtoholdtherageinside #smileandtrynottocry

He made good on that promise to take me shopping and I got my first ever pair of Lululemons! Plus a few other items. Here's the kicker though. Guess who had to eat their words/rage and say thank you for the amazing Tupperware gift once she started meal planning for Whole30? #thisgirl #bestgifteveractually #youwin #plustheyrestackable

Our dog sleeps in our bed. You aren't surprised I know. Here's the thing, I love it! I love the extra warmth and the weight/touch of having him there. However, he tends to scoot all the way over to the BF's side, and he's pissed about it. Keeps wanting to kick him off or lock him out of the bedroom and it makes me sad #hessleepingwithusendofstory #hesmybaby #itshisbedtoo

So remember that blogger I whined about during my Engagement Season post? Well she almost cut her fingers off in a food processor and then blogged about it. As much as I hate to give her pageviews you have to read into this new brand of stupid #dumbasarock #whoevenblogsaboutthat #fakestpersonontheplanet (I know I shouldn't bitch about another blogger, but this is an ex IRL friend of mine who I have a personal loathing for. Be better than me and skip this note altogether if you feel so inclined). #totalbitchmoment #thatswhatconfessionsarefor

I went to body pump at the gym on Sunday and now I'm walking like I have a stick up my... #waddlemuch #illjustcrawl #thisiswhyidontworkout #iknowijustneedtogomore

Heading into day 3 of Whole30, feeling exhausted, but I know I need to push through. Follow along with #BreakupChallenge2016!

And that's all I have for you. Happy humpday friends! Link up and confess!


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  1. Legit cracking up so hard at having to eat your words and thank BF for the tupperware after all. When did boys get so good with their foresight on things we might actually NEED and not just want?! I'm so glad you're being good and doing the Whole30 challenge because I'm pretty sure I've eaten more sugar in the last 2 days than any human should ever consume. Ever. xo

  2. I took down my Christmas decorations on Sunday + now our house just looks so sad + empty! I did leave the magnets on the fridge that make it look like a snowman. seems like it should be allowed because it's 20 degrees (literally) outside. also I only took mine down because I was told it was bad luck......

  3. Ugh... I was exhausted last night. I couldn't even write a post for today. I do feel pretty good this morning. No headache like yesterday thank God. I plan on trying to get the decor down this weekend, I figure it will give me something to do with all the time I'm not day drinking.

  4. Yay for Lululemon! I pretty much live in it. I totally missed that part in your engagement season post about your ex friend - how do you agree to marry someone you've only known for 2 months?!?!

    I'm feeling much better this time than I did on Day 3 the last two times - not as sluggish as before and only a slight headache last night. We got this!

  5. My Christmas is still up, too... Oops. I'm not evening thinking about taking down the outside stuff right now. The neighborhood can deal with it.

  6. So I definitely read some of the blog posts from ex-friend. While I can see her being funny, she's so fucking vein I want to fly to AK and punch her in her perfectly boudoir photo session face. Everything about what she posts screams LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME!

    I hate when other people are right. About anything. From presents to facts.

  7. Haha I love this. Ummm who sticks their hand into a food processor without turning it off?? WHO DOES THAT!!! I leave my Xmas stuff up until after January 6th(3 Kings day)

  8. Ugh the newest release of body pump is kicking my butt too! Also the ex bff situation......what a dope.

  9. Lol you're my favorite. I love it so much when an ex friend does something stupid. Nothing made me happier than when one of my ex friends got really fat. I'm mature like that... I took my Christmas stuff down this weekend and was a mopey baby about it.

  10. this was probably the best confessions post ever. Or at least in a long time. Gabriel essentially did the same thing with my Christmas gift, only it was Christmas Eve and he was all- I still have to get you a gift? But I bought you a birthday present! So, I told him if he ever wanted to see my beaver again I better get a Christmas gift asap! Then, he comes back and gives me Kohls cash. I got PISSED, so he threw my gift at me then essentially ducked for cover.

  11. Ha! That's funny that the gift that put you into a rage actually turned out to be a pretty great gift after all. Win, win for the BF!

    I'm like your BF, having animals in the bed drives me banana sandwich as well but we have three cats & they ALL sleep on my side of the bed - one on my pillow, one pressed up against the side of my leg & the other either between or on top of my legs. Some nights, I lose it & kick all of them out. Tee hee! I love them but I love my sleep too. :)

  12. 1) totally lurked her and then laughed when her posts got no comments. I also lurked in supersonic mode so as to keep pageview duration to under 20secs/page LOL! take that, stats!

  13. I hate to give her pageviews, but I need to read about the stupidity! My fiance is not great with the gifts either, he thinks too practical instead of romantic..I guess that's fine, I'll take what I can get! But yay for new Lulu's!!! I'm also in denial about taking down my decorations #maystayupuntilFeb ;)!

  14. Tupperware?? LOL!!!! Have him talk to Chris next time he goes gift shopping for you. He will set him straight. Ummmm is Lululemons worth it?? I have always wondered. Because holy steep prices batman! I lurked because I had to. I am all rage induced from no sugar. She posted about you posting about her and says how she wont share your blog but then shares screen shots with your site address so ummmm hypocritical much is she? Yikes. We all have that one ex friend, I totally feel you!

  15. Your ex-friends blog is so sad/ funny. It seems like she can't figure her life out without a man. The type of girl that is always a victim and it's not her fault when her life is in shambles. Way to remove that toxic from your life! Keep up the great work with Whole30! I love your blog!

  16. I hate exercise. I really do. The one and only form of exercise that I've ever halfway enjoyed is bodypump. I miss it. Gym memberships here are ridiculously priced.

    I kinda got lucky with marrying a jeweller. Good presents. They may not be practical presents, but they are shiny and pretty.

  17. There is so much I need to say today. Like so much. One, I'm sorry for laughing over the tupperware. I did get a case of wine and money to invest because we couldn't think of what to buy for each other. Two, OMG. I may just have to send you a private email...

  18. Waaiiiiittt TUPPERWARE? Girl....girrlllll...I'm currently breaking up with dairy...and it's hard...SO HARD.

  19. It was five weeks, btw.

    And hooray for Tupperware! I really dig Snapware's glass containers for meal planning, and you can usually find a set at Costco for cheap.

  20. i would have been so pumped for the rubbermaid! i asked for pyrex and i didn't get any. rude!
    love body pump! i haven't gone this week, oops. next week!

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