March 17, 2016

17 Reasons to Love the Color Green

I'm a sucker for Saint Patrick's Day. 


Green. It's my favorite color. (I love me some gold too, so that sets it apart even more).

I know that sounds like lame excuse to love a holiday, but let's review just why the color green is so awesome.
  1. It's the color of money. Boom.
  2. Beer is easily turned that color, which I love
  3. Green means go, and who wants to stop?
  4. Fresh cut grass. If you don't like that smell I don't like you (kidding)
  5. Emeralds are pretty
  6. Green M&M's undoubtedly taste better
  7. Amazing minty-flavored foods are also green - hello Thin Mint boxes, grasshopper shakes, etc.
  8. "Green rooms" are cool places you get to sit while you wait if you are famous
  9. Green is a calming and refreshing color
  10. The color green is restful for eyes and produces the least amount of eyestrain
  11. Green looks good on every skin tone
  12. Things are described as "green" when they are good for the environment 
  13. Christmas trees. Period.
  14. The term "green" is also used for new, and who doesn't like new?
  15. It’s been shown to improve reading ability and creativity
  16. Love is evergreen (awwww)
  17. If you wear it on Saint Patty's day you won't get pinched!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Hope you had as much fun with this list as I did!

Cheers! (with green beers!)

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  1. Green really does look good on every skin tone because even my pale ass can wear it! Happy St Patty Day!

  2. Love is evergreen, i love it!

  3. I painted our living room a dull forest green and I love it. I think it's so relaxing. (Also, my husband hates it which kind of makes me love it more... ha!)

  4. Green is my fave colour too! I'm all about those emeralds, plus my eyes are green so I'm a little biased.

  5. Green is my high school's main color too so I will sub that for thin mints and grasshoppers ;)I know, I am weird that I don't like mint chocolate!

  6. LOL- love it! You had me at, it's the color of money!! ;) $$$$$ I love lots of minty things too, but just realized this morning I definitely need more green in my wardrobe!

  7. I love green too! I am thinking I might need a shamrock shake now! Happy SPD!

  8. Bahahaha love is evergreen. The best list xx Happy Paddy's Day! x

  9. Green means go, and who wants to stop? - hahahaha
    i never thought about it, but yeah you're probably right about it being good on every skin tone. i like it on me, so yay green!