March 23, 2016


So many things, so little time. That's how I feel these days. I have a list a mile long and the second I commit to working on something another thing grabs my attention.

Thus "squirrel!" Just like in Up. I can't not get distracted. 

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I'm a little overloaded. Thus the easy distraction. Anything is better than the things you're not wanting to do right? I mentioned last week it's a little like drowning. I guess too much is better than nothing? It's a spring thing too - I always have the itch to get things done this time of year - spring cleaning, yard work, forcing bulbs, coloring eggs, changing up the bed linens, blogging, be active in the political happenings, cooking healthy meals, getting to the gym... and work and have a life somehow #springmotivationbackfire #toomuchonthelist #crazytownpartyofone

The funny part about the overload? I've kind of spaced my birthday. I mean I know it's next Wednesday, and I have tentative plans, but usually I use all of March as "birthday month" and have an endless excuse to have fun and treat yo' self. That hasn't really happened. Mostly because I've been too busy to even notice March is flying past us #inlikealion #birthdaymonthwoes

I got added on Snapchat by Jesus today. I'll let that sink in...#godwantstosnapwithme

Ok but in reality I have a friend named Jesus (the hispanic pronunciation) and he added me. It was just funny to see it come up in my notifications "Jesus has added you on Snapchat" #stilllaughingoutloud #maybeitsjustme

I have eaten pizza 4 of the last 5 days #cantstopwontstop #leftoverissues #pizzawhore

I've been reading another new YA series about vampires. I feel like someone needs to backhand me and remind me I'm almost 28 and should read something of substance #judgemeideserveit #twilightflashback

Also, this early Easter thing is throwing me off. I can't believe it's this weekend! It's my favorite holiday and like my birthday I don't feel like I've given it the proper amount of thought and consideration. It will just fly past like the rest of this year has. Please just cross your fingers I can find time for a Cadbury egg in there #andbrunch #andeggs #andallthingseaster

If I don't check in again this week (most likely) have a wonderful Easter weekend! Oh, and link up why don't ya?

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  1. I am just as bad as you. Spring got me like I need to do a million different things in a million different directions! Cheers to pizza!!!

  2. Happy Easter! I hope things slow down enough for you to enjoy your birthday! Take a bath, drink a marg, have some chocolate :)

  3. I am the same way in Spring! I feel like I need to be doing a million things at once when the weather starts warming up. Maybe that's why I like Winter so much...

  4. I've been eating all.the.things so the Whole30 can't come soon enough!

    I can't believe your birthday is already coming up again - I swear you just had one!

  5. So I just laughed way too loud at the chocolate Easter bunny gif. I feel you on the whole spring/easter thing just sneaking right up on us this year. I need to scramble this week to fill Easter baskets. Gah. Love that "Jesus" is with you while you snap - funny stuff! Happy to link up - this was fun!

  6. I totally feel the need to do something with the change in the weather. I hope the drowning feeling ends for you soon! Have a great Easter!

  7. Jesus makes me laugh every time.
    Amazon had a special this morning for a CASE of 48 cadbury eggs for $20. The temptation was real, but House money prevailed. I have no idea how I'm going to control my spending when we're not longer throwing every single penny into the House fund.

  8. I'm happy I get to hear from you even if it's mostly only Wednesdays. No shame in endless distractions, but hopefully you can take a pause next week to do the birthday celebrations right!

  9. hahahaha that kitty with the ears!!! I had cheese puffs for dinner one night last week so I am not judging your pizza over here. I am already conspiring to be horrible on Friday with food too haha. This month really has flown by. Happy early Birthday!!! Carve out some time to treat yoself!

  10. You can read whatever you like! Which Vampire series if I may ask?

    Jesus added you on Snapchat.....LOLOLOLOLOL

  11. 1st. please tell me what vampire series you are reading because i want some of that.
    2nd, i had pizza for lunch. no shame.

  12. Oh my goodness the Jesus added you on Snapchat story. Like, I know it's a common name but hahaha I would be laughing hysterically if that happened. I hope you screenshotted it.

  13. YA books are my jam it seems. Throw in some vampires and I'm super happy. What book is it? I just picked up the first two books in The Infernal Devices series. Over half way through the first one and it's great.

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