April 13, 2016


You know those weeks where everything just dumps on you? Like if it can go wrong it will go wrong? Ok maybe it wasn't that bad, but there was a lot of RAGE.

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About to rage on.... in 3, 2, 1...

You know what I just love? Getting in and out of Costco in less than 30 minutes, spending less than $100 and then the lady at the cash register tells you you have to renew your membership and that less than $100 goes down the drain #RAGE

Or when you come home to a freshly mowed lawn, so beautiful it's almost like angels are singing from above, and then the BF tells you that you have a cracked sprinkler mainline and that when he tried to turn on the system it completely flooded #RAGE

Then there's that moment when the next book you want to read on your Kindle is magically somehow available through the library and you go to check out online with your eBook and are told your Library Card is expired #RAGE

And one that always gets me--rain. The day after I washed my car #RAGE

Of course work is no escape. I just love having the project that was my idea, that I  have spent hours and hours on, had creative developed for, set up and had ready to go live.... postponed because some other team didn't do their part. And then postponed again because now the company owners are involved. For a social media contest. FOR MY CONTEST #RAGE

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  1. RAGE was my theme on snapchat yesterday:) I feel you! We need to catch up!!

  2. DUDE dude. I went to the library + they told me I owed them $2.46 from 2005 but they only take cash so I couldn't check any books out BUT ALSO couldn't tell me what that $2.46 was for. you know BECAUSE IT WAS 11 YEARS AGO. but what are you reeeeeeading?! also I hate hate hate when teams don't do their jobs. I'm too type A I always end up doing everyone's work....

  3. Ahhhh rage to all of these things!!! Having to pay that membership fee sucks every year!!! You sort of take it for granted until that time rolls around and you have to open your wallet even further again. And booooo to library renewals. So rude! What book were you trying to read?

  4. Oh girl! Bless your heart. I'm sorry for all the things going wrong this week. Luckily, the wheel usually spins back so maybe next week will be wonderful! Love!

  5. Oh my...yes, those things would put me in a rage as well. Hope that things start looking up real quicklike for you.

  6. oh my gosh. all the rage for all those things. you should go to costco next weekend, your membership will be nowhere near expiring and then you can be in an out in 30 minutes and feel awesome. like a do-over lol. hope work gets itself together soon!

  7. work rage is the worst. i've been dealing with this fuckwit who is the dumbest bitch i don't even understand how she's still alive. it's like freaking groundhog day talking to her-- she asks the SAME THING repeatedly, you answer her the same way repeatedly....wash, rinse repeat. for the billionth time on friday, she called another meeting about the SAME THING so i went up to her, said my usual schpiel and 4hrs later, she emailed the PM asking the same thing. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

  8. The expired cards get me all the time! #alltherage

  9. Ah I hate expired cards! I need to renew my costco membership too, but I'm avoiding it.