May 4, 2016


The struggle is real y'all. Too real. I can't quite make a decision about the struggle either. More on that later.

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First, let's all take a moment to celebrate this very important day #starwarsnerdforthewin

Ok here we go...

Struggle #1 - the minute the BF leaves town something tech-related goes on the fritz. This time? The TV. Now, I claim I'm not addicted, but let me tell you, when you can't watch it, it's all you want to do! I didn't realize how much I rely on it for background noise as I make and eat dinner, do chores and basically use it as company. Get this, it visually works fine, perfect picture, just ZERO sound. I've tried everything. Restarting it, unplugging it, unplugging the HDMI cords, even flipping the breaker!! Nothing would reset the sound. #WTF #whydidnoneoftheusualfixeswork #DAMNYOUTECHNOLOGY

Struggle #2 - Game of Thrones was on Sunday. Right after the above issue began. So, since watching it without sound would be pointless, I couldn't watch. And apparently SO MUCH HAPPENED! I now have to basically avoid half my friends and all of social media to avoid spoilers #itstheTVsfault #ragedoesntbegintocoverit #whatwillievendo

Struggle #3 - I cannot seem to get my ass back in gear. My injury literally knocked me off my feet for 6 weeks, and then there's been recovery (which is still continuing), but I can't seem to get my butt active again. The most I've done is yoga and walking. Part of it is my concern for re-injuring myself, seriously I am PETRIFIED. Part of it is I'm just lazy and it's hard to start from scratch after you were immobile for over a month. But it's starting to show around the mid section and I NEED to get going on it. Any tips for getting motivated? #weddingseasoniscoming #swimsuitseasontoo

Struggle #4 - I can't decide what to do with this space. A huge part of me wants to take a break. A full month - say May - to really reflect and decided if I want to continue it. But then I freak out about letting this little baby link up die. I've been so proud of how many links we get (few but mighty!) and I know a month off will only kill any growth we have. At the same time though, I'm not taking care of those wonderful link-uppers or commenting, so maybe it's for the best. Seriously WHAT DO I DO? #almostintearsoverthis #bloggerloveisreal #overwhelmedwithlifethough

What do you do when you are on the struggle bus? I think a beer is calling my name #drinkawaytheblues

Happy humpday friends. Link up!
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  1. Ughhhh technology fails us all too often. I wouldn't know what to do with myself without a TV during the week. I need my hour or two after work and dinner each night to just relax and decompress and do something mindless. As far as the motivation goes, maybe take baby steps towards gearing back up? Something manageable like maybe doing an arm challenge or a squat challenge or something that only takes 5-10 minutes to do 5 days a week...and work yourself back up. That way you aren't piling it on and you are doing something gradual to avoid injury until you get stronger. If you take a break you will be missed!

  2. i agree with nadine - take those baby steps towards fitness. walking/yoga is a great way to stay active. slowly increase your intensity; like maybe walk holding weights or just walk faster...then work up to running for 1min, 2 mins etc. i totally get the fear of re-injury; i haven't been injured but i'm so scared of getting injured that the second i feel a twinge in my knees, i stop what i'm doing and assess the situation! if i can't stand, i can't kick and if i can't kick, then there's no point in muay thai LOL

  3. Do you have a bluetooth speaker? Do you have an ipad/tablet/phone. Find someone with HBOgo access and sign in and watch GoT. I actually watched on my Kindle Fire. I watched GoT and didn't really feel like anything overly significant happened considering what we were left with from the finale. It wasn't progress so much as a "are you alive?" check.

    As for blogging, you could just generate the link up in advance and schedule it to post. If I didn't generate my Weds post for an entire week, there would be nothing.

  4. Oh man, not having a TV that works is the worst! Even if you don't watch it much, when you do want to watch it and you can't...that's so frustrating.

  5. I would freak out about the TV. I hate not knowing how to fix something. I hope you figure out what you want to do with the blog. I love your voice and talking to you but sometimes it's good to take a little time away and then regroup and come back.

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  7. Technology is basically the devil! 14 days straight to make something a habit, so you just have to jump in and go. It's hard getting back into but you can go it! You're off to a great start!

    I hope you figure out what to do with your blog! it's hard sometimes. Maybe someone could take over in the interim while you hash it out? Beer always helps.

  8. Technology is the worst- and I swear it plans to fail when we're most vulnerable.

    If this blog is a chore then I say take a month off. Maybe even set a date for the next link-up (like June 1st) and say "see ya" until then. No shame in taking a break!

  9. Technology is the worst! I swear I fight with technology more than I fight with human beings.

  10. I've been gone since January as a blogger b/c I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do and had too much going on in every day life to have much fun with it. Now, all I want to do is figure out a way to get back into the blogging game.

  11. Hi remember me? I am right there with you on most of this. I signed up for singles tennis to kick my as in gear. I say try something new, step outside of your comfort zone and pay money for it. That always makes me want to do it! I am so struggling with my blog right now. I just don't want to put in the time. I know when I get a new job it is likely to get worse too. We need to get back to brainstorming some stuff!

  12. Oh my gosh! No sound for GoT?! That sucks horribly! It was a really good episode & I will not say anything. Thankfully, we have four TVs in our house with laptops & a Kindle so if anything like that would happen, I would be covered. Ha!

  13. I'm right there with you, girl! My working out has been okay... eating, not so much! It is a lifelong struggle! Nothing wrong with taking a break - we'll be here when you sort things out!

  14. I say take the time if you need the time! Sometimes you just need a break to reevaluate what you want to do with the blog. I do it all the time!

    I don't watch the TV that much and would be more concerned about the Internet going out. But I can imagine it would be super annoying to not have it when you use it is background noise and also when you want to watch Game of Thrones!

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