December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve | Holiday Questionnaire

Merriest of Christmas Eves to you friends! 

I saw this holiday themed questionnaire from Mattie over at Northwest Native and I thought it was the perfect thing for a Christmas eve post! 

What's your go-to outfit in winter?.
Skinny jeans, boots and a long sleeve top or sweater. I’m starting to rock leggings more now, but for us long waisted gals it’s hard to find tops long enough to wear with leggings sometimes!

What's winter like in your hometown?
This year? Wet, wet, wet. We need it desperately because Idaho has been in a drought for a long time, but I sure wish (even though I can’t believe I’m saying this) it was snow instead of rain! I love my small-ish city and how it lights up everywhere from down town to small neighborhoods.

Special winter recipes?
Crockpot everything! I’ve really been digging this Paleo Chili, but anything I can set and go and come home to hot and ready is amazing this time of year!

Winter holiday traditions?
Other than Christmas not a lot. Check out this post with more traditions!

Favorite winter activities?
Does sleeping count? I wish I could hibernate for the winter other than Christmas. But I love buying gifts (crazy I know) and driving around looking at lights!

Winter home decor?
It’s the one time of year I go all out! I have several tubs of Christmas decorations and I love to have lights almost everywhere inside. Outside, eh, I do some around the door!

Beauty regimen changes for winter?

I should be better about this one but I’m not. I do try and use more lotion and moisturizer for my skin since I tend to get dried out in the winter!

Favorite holiday song?
Nat King Cole, The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting by an open Fire)

Favorite holiday movie?

What changes about you in the winter?

Hmmmm. I may get a little grumpy. I’m not a winter, dark or cold loving person.

Gift wrap or gift bags?

Wrap. I like doing something special for each gift. I always think I’m going to go all out and have fantastic handmade bows and such, but usually I don’t get that far.

Favorite warm drink for winter?

White chocolate peppermint mocha.

What are you excited for this season?
Autumn vs. Winter?

Autumn. I’m not a cold loving person so I prefer the warmer, crisp days of fall and all the colors!

Where do you spend Christmas?
We have Christmas Eve outside of Boise in Emmett at my aunt’s house. I have NEVER missed a Christmas eve there my whole life! That night at her house is my favorite of the whole year, full of family, food and gifts. Then Christmas day is at my parents’ house followed by Christmas dinner with the BF’s family.

Do you decorate after or before Thanksgiving?
I have a strict AFTER Thanksgiving policy, but it usually happens Black Friday!

Peppermint or gingerbread?
Peppermint for sure! Candy Cane ice cream anyone!? And Candy Cane Chapstick?! It’s the best!!!

What is one thing you asked for this Christmas?
A Spiralizer. I’m excited to use it for the Breakup Challenge and Whole30 recipes.

What are some of your Christmas traditions?

I hope you have a magical Christmas Eve!

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  1. I love your mantel! It's gorgeous xx Haha and what are you doing in Idaho girl if you don't like the cold? Hahaha Merry Christmas x

  2. girl i feel you on the long torso! i love leggings but i need my booty covered.
    ooh i have a spiralizer thingy! i still havent used it though, it's been in the package for like a year.