March 2, 2016

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | The First of March

Woohoo! My favorite month is here! The month that signals the coming of spring, encourages green beer drinking and hunting Easter eggs, and most importantly contains my birthday!

Let me hear you chant "birthday month, birthday month!"

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Ok so HUGE news update, I'm off the peg! I can walk again!!!!! It's really made life immeasurably better and I'm so glad to be a fully functioning human being again. The bad part? Now I want it all. Working out, running, and playing volleyball, ALL OF IT. But I can't yet because I still need to do physical therapy and all that crap first. It's so hard though #thatswhatshesaid #imightdoitanyway #somuchmoreroomforactivities

Since I started my new job with the peg, everyone knows me as the "peg leg girl." No, not by Laura, but by the peg. It's sort of humiliating but awesome at the same time. I made an impression #piratelegsarecool #nowimnotcoolanymoreandnooneknowsmyrealname

I got way too excited about the fact that I could now wear two shoes. Milestones people, I'm not even kidding. You try only wearing one shoe for 6 weeks and then not be excited about getting to wear two! #likeomgshoes #andwherethehellareallmyleftfootshoes?

The sad part? The new brace I have to wear only fits inside a few pairs. It's basically boots, tennis shoes or slippers. No fun flats or sandals as we head into spring #damnyouanklebrace #screwingwithmyfashionstatement

To change subjects a bit, our dishwasher killed over a little over two weeks ago. We bought a new one the Friday after it broke, and had to wait a whole week and a day for installation because someone had to be at the house (so a Saturday). They show up Saturday and forgot the installation kit. FORGOT IT!!! So they couldn't install it after it had already been almost two weeks of no dishwasher. Then, they were supposed to come first thing Monday since it was THEM that screwed up. Guess who was a no show all Monday? The damn installers! They were then supposed to come Tuesday and instead, since the first number they called didn't answer they just "decided" to wait till Wednesday. IF MY DISHWASHER DOESN'T GET INSTALLED TODAY I'M GOING TO MURDER SOMEONE #IHATEHANDWASHING #ifyouseeadeadsearsguyinmyhousedontjudge

Oh and dishwashers aren't cheap either #doubletherageinside

But hey it's birthday month right?! Happy thoughts from here on out!

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  1. Happy Birthday month, lol. I just celebrated my birthday over the weekend. Peg leg girl, what an impression! How's the new job so far? I'm counting down the days until St. Patty's Day.

  2. Yay Happy Birthday month! My dishwasher hasn't worked in s year and my landlord just seems to want to ignore it instead of fixing it and I am not buying a dishwasher for a place I am just renting! So it's all hand washing over here!

  3. The excitement we have over getting a dishwasher is palpable. I completely understand on dealing with someone else's shit and it being their fault it was shit in the first place. I just can't. BUTTT you can change your FB back to normal (instead of pirate speak) now! When I worked at Target in 2014, I had blue hair so everyone called me Blue. When I dyed it back to a normal color for a real job interview, people were still calling me Blue. AND if people don't know your actual name, that kinda works out if they are talking about you to someone new who doesn't know who PegLeg is. :)

  4. Our first apartment didn't have a dishwasher. I swear I practically made out with the dishwasher when we bought our house... hahaha! Now if only we could get a damn garbage disposal. UGH.

  5. Yay!!! The peg leg is gone!! Wooo that is cause for celebration! Also, yay for birthday month!

  6. hey, The Peg is better than my nickname "The Bitch" LOL

  7. yay birthday month!
    the house i live in now is the first time i have ever had a dishwasher in my entire life haha. i love it and never wish to be separated it.
    yay no peg! boo brace. lame.

  8. Whooooooo birthday month! So exciting! Happy two-feet! It's been a long haul for you. We are currently out of commission with laundry and .... TOWELS. I hope my guy gets his guy-hat on today and fixes it. Or I'll hire some handsome mechanical dude to do it for him.

  9. Yay for two shoes!!! And congrats for getting off the peg, that seemed like forever. I mean we were knee deep in whole 30 when that happened!!!

  10. So glad you're back on 2 feet!! :) I will say- I ended up LOVING physical therapy. It seriously felt so good and was honestly a work out for me when I went after my hip injury/6 weeks of crutches. It made a huge difference in recovery. Ps- YAY Bday month!!!

  11. Hahaha, I love that you're peg leg girl. So glad you're off it now! Oh my gosh I would FREAK about the dishwasher scenario. So not right.

  12. Is that a Hart of Dixie gif I spy?!?!? Gosh I miss that show!!!!!!! So ummmm having to get a new dishwasher sucks ass but not having a peg anymore is awesome! Yay!!!!!

  13. How does a dishwashing installation crew forget the dishwashing installation manual? #YOUHADONEJOB

  14. Yay for March birthdays! Only the best month out of the year, right?! Mine is a week & a half away which is kind of crazy to me right now.. because I don't want to be 28 :(. Yay for getting rid of the peg!

  15. I'm so glad to hear that you're heading up! Awhoo hoo!

  16. YAY to being able to walk again!! How amazing is it to have so much freedom now?! haha

    I couldn't handle life without a dishwasher - that would have made me seriously stabby! I've only ever lived one place without one in my entire life and that's when I lived in residence for one year in college so I obviously wasn't doing much cooking anways haha

    Celebrating an entire birthday month is the BEST!

  17. Haha that's a great nickname! It's memorable and stands out. Glad you're doing better!! Let the birthday celebration begin :D :D Take Care Laura! -Iva

  18. One shoe for six weeks?! That does sound like a challenge. I have a pair in mind but I doubt it actually want to wear it for six weeks straight. Congratulations for being off the peg. :]

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