January 26, 2015

My Reverse Bucket List

My friend Kayla @ Keeping up with K did a reverse bucket list last week and I just had to steal the idea. She got it from Cassie who had done a list of blog prompt ideas for 2015. Got to give credit where credit is due!

Now I've never really made a formal bucket list. Though I probably should at some point. I do have a "sports bucket list" in my drafts pile to be completed in the near future so look out for that.

But what a cool perspective on life - focusing on what you have done, rather than what's to come? I think we spend too much time worrying about what is next instead of rejoicing in all that you have already accomplished. Thus a reverse bucket list - 15 things I have already done!

I have...

Rode a Vespa through Tuscany  - Summer 2010
Two of my best friends and I "backpacked" through Europe after graduating college. A Vespa tour and winery visit in Tuscany, Italy we're among several tours, also including a Gondola Ride in Venice and a Segway tour of Rome!!!

Held a koala & petted a kangaroo - 2003
I spent 4 short days in Australia (near Brisbane) on a trip I spent more time flying for then there...but I did get to meet some cool critters.

Seen the Matterhorn (not Disney's version) in person - Summer 2010 
Also part of my Eurotrip. During our stay in Zermatt we took the train up to the lookout.

Caught fireflies on a summer night - youth
When I visited my cousins in Indiana as a kid, fireflies were one of my favorite parts. I wish we had them here!!!

Gone canyoning in Switzerland - Summer 2010  
Again, a highlight of the trip - jumping, riding, repelling and swimming down a glacial stream.


Delivered Christmas presents and dinner to a family in need - as many years as I can
My mom's Rotary group adopts families locally every year to give Christmas too. I try to go to the delivery every year that I can. Some of the tears of joy and gratitude I've seen shed make it so worthwhile.  

Swam in the Mediterranean - Summer 2010
In Nice, France and again on our boat tour with Angelo - more about it HERE

Swam with dolphins in Mexico - 2006

Actually I've done this twice, but this was more recent on my high school grad trip to Puerto Vallarta.

Won a National Championship - 2004

My club softball team won nationals in Missouri, having to beat another Idaho team in the semi-final to get to the championship.


Rode horseback under the stars - Summers 1999-2001

I'm not ashamed to admit I went to HORSE CAMP. Each year we did a night ride to the hot springs. There is nothing more peaceful that staring up and unpolluted, perfect stars as you sway on the back of an amazing animal.

Bought my first home - February 2013
I closed on my house on Fat Tuesday and got keys on Valentine's day. Here's more about the house story, Part 1, Part 2 and home buying tips!!

Seen The Lion King on Broadway - 2002I went on a Washington DC/New York school trip the spring of my freshman year. We saw the Lion King while in New York and I can't imagine a more unique, awesome performance!

Petted a shark - October 2014
Ocean World in Crescent City, California on our Wedding Roadtrip.

Hiked through a Red Wood Forrest - October 2014
Same Wedding Road Trip - all about it here.

Seen Ground Zero the year after 9/11- Spring 2002
As part of that same Washington DC/New York trip above, we made a special trip to Ground Zero which was still rubble at the time. Surrounding churches and buildings still had posters, art, memorials and other displays up. We almost weren't able to go on the trip at all because of 9/11 - but I have to say it was the most important and worthwhile part of the whole experience.

What would be on your reverse bucket list?!

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  1. look at this list of adventures you've had! that's so cool. I love this idea!

  2. Love your list! I want to see The Lion King SO bad! When it was in Vegas I could never get anyone to agree to go with me :(

    The fact that you've held a koala and petted a kangaroo is SO COOL! I NEED to get to Australia - one day!

    Reading your list just makes me want to book another Europe trip!

  3. I love this idea! I've seen this on a few different blogs and I just love it. You've had some great adventures :)

    Midwest Darling

  4. Woah you've done a lot of cool things! This is awesome. I want a vacation so badly but can't right now :/ But one day soon!

  5. Love your list! I've been a horseback rider my entire life, and it's a goal of mine to ride under the stars! I did a beach ride this past summer, in Spain, which was incredible. Normally, I just ride around the property. What cool adventures you've been on (and what a cool idea for a post!)

  6. You've done some very cool stuff!! :) You go girl! Congrats on the Nationals that's impressive :D I'm still shocked at the fact people go canyoning LoL! Great List Laura! Take care and have a great weekend -Iva