August 7, 2015

NEW BLOG DESIGN! And some more about me

Happy Friday friends!
Let's put the rest of the week behind us (like my way too deep and sandy post yesterday).
Do you notice anything new around these parts? Did it slap you accross the face? Because I kind of want it to do that. Just BAM!
Anyways, I'm loving the new blog design, and I hope you are too!
The lovely Erin from Love Fun and Football designed it for me and she did an amazing job! Go give her some love (and some business!) why don't you?
Since today is a rebirth of sorts, with the new blog design and all, I wanted to do a little about me list so anyone who is new around here can get to know me a little better.
If you're an old friend, you might already know these. In fact I'd like to know how many you already knew - feel free to leave that in the comments!
About Lolo:
  1. I live in Idaho and NOT on a potato farm
  2. I was a sorority girl in college and loved every second of it
  3. I'm pretty much obsessed with my dog, and you can often find me at the dog park
  4. I don't  like wine. But I love me some BEER!
  5. I once went 50 days without alcohol (and yes after I was 21) 
  6. I love to laugh, and have a pretty loud/unique one that spreads like wild fire
  7. I have a cat named Ted and he's an asshole
  8. Snakes, spiders, bugs, etc. don't bother me, but fish and jellyfish freak me out
  9. I don't like quiet. Even to study/work/think, I like noise, music and business
  10. Sometimes my birthday lands on Easter (rarely) and Easter is my favorite holiday!
  11. I've been to Europe and it was pretty amazing - read 1, 2 & 3
  12. I HATE scary movies and pretty much refuse to watch them
  13. My current "dream job" is to be a radio personality/DJ
Bonus, I left it at 13 because 9 and 13 are my favorite numbers, but 9 wasn't enough.

Want more? Head over to my About Me page! All re-vamped for the blog makeover!

Hope you have a spectacular weekend!
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  1. I definitely knew all of these and feel pretty proud of myself. High five, bestie!

  2. I knew 6... that's pretty good. I only knew the beer half of Number 4 but that is the really important part. Mmmmm beer!!!! Is it 5 o'clock yet?

  3. I love the design and the color choices!!

  4. Oh man, being a radio personality would be so fun!!!! And 50 days without alcohol? Say what???

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  5. "I have a cat named Ted and he's an asshole." I don't know why but that statement made me laugh out loud.

  6. Love the new design and learning fun facts about you!

  7. I love your new design, it looks awesome!! And your dream job sounds so fun! :)

  8. Love the design! I didn't know a lot of these since I'm newer to the blog, but I knew a couple! Go me! Ha!

  9. Bahahaha I love this. And I love your new design! It looks fabulous x I think you should come kill all the spiders for me. I can't hack them. And also, I hate scary movies, too. I remember being 11 and my friends wanted to watch Glass House, so me and another chicken friend went and hid in the next room for the hour and a half and when all the girls screamed in the other room, we screamed louder. It was definitely worse not knowing what was going on...

  10. Nice blog layout! :) I love DJ'ing, I have a controller here at home and it makes me happy. I have neglected it for some time but I've been occupied with my other many random hobbies and learning interests. :) Do you DJ or actively working to land that 'dream job'? :) Have a great one Laura! -Iva

  11. I love the color combination of the new look! When I was a kid, I wanted to be a radio DJ, then a MTV VJ, then a talk show host. So, I assumed something in broadcasting would've been my calling. I didn't go that path, and I wonder if I did, where would my life have taken me...

  12. Really diggin' the new look. :)

  13. Love it! "And not on a potato farm." Bahahaha YES.