January 27, 2016

#HASHTAGHUMPDAY | Rage and Excitement

Happy Humpday my friends.

This Wednesday for me is bitter sweet, and full of frustration, rage and excitement. Quite a combo right?

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Alright on to the details. Let's talk about the crap before the good stuff ok?

I went to the foot and ankle specialist yesterday. I had been walking in just my boot for a couple days and feeling AWESOME about it. Yay, not more crutches! I thought he would confirm I was on my way to healing and just to take good care of it and wear the boot a while longer. WRONG. I was chastised for walking on it already and told I probably need to be on crutches for 4-6 more WEEKS plus where the boot for walking for 6 MORE WEEKS after that #FML #ialmostcried #butmostlyiwaspissed

Basically my whole life is turned upside down because of this. I was prepared for 2-4 weeks of my life being off, but this is months of recovery. Months of not being able to do the things I normally do, and especially not the things I enjoy doing, like playing volleyball #oktearsarecoming #newsubject

He did prescribe me an I-walk. Basically a peg leg. Just call me Captain Lolo #argh #wheresmeeyepatch?

So I get to try that out Thursday. I still haven't been to the grocery store this week. I cried today because I didn't have anyone to take me #seriousbreakdownissues

But enough of the boo-hooing. Sorry about that. I did get wonderful news this week! That exciting thing I've hinted to a few times? It's that I've been interviewing for basically my dream job. And guess what... I got it!!! #ballerstatus

Today is bitter sweet because it is the day I give my two weeks notice. It's probably the hardest thing about any job, or at least a job you once loved so much. I will miss the people mostly, and the Fair craziness. I probably will shed some tears. But I won't miss the drama or the drive #commutebluesareover

I'll fill you in once everything is official. Start date is February 15th and I plan to dive in head first, pirate leg and all!

Ok so no it's your turn. What's going on with you this week? Link up!

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  1. Congrats on getting your dream job! That is so exciting! I'm so sorry about the news from your doctor-hopefully these six weeks will pass quickly, and you will be off crutches in no time!

  2. AHHHHH! CONGRATULATIONS ON THE JOB!!! I'm so excited for you! also I have big hopes for this peg leg...........

  3. Okay so I'll address the good news first!!! Congratulations!!!!!! That is so awesome that you got your dream job! I'm sorry about the boot! Im dreading my ortho appointment because of my hammie tendon injury....eep...

  4. Lots of ups & downs! Congrats on the new job!!!
    & sorry about the longer sentence of peg-legging it :( That's always the worst.

  5. Congrats on the new job!!! That is exciting. I'm sorry to hear about the extended timeline. Hopefully as more time passes you will be able to find ways to work around it all easier!

  6. Yay congratulations on getting the job!!!!!!! I cried for days when I left my last job but it was an hour away from home so once I had helped open a Centre at home it just made sense to work where I lived. It's never easy leaving though

    And booo for the bad news from your Doctor :(

  7. First of all congratulations on the job! What will you be doing?

    Also I'm sorry about the extended timeline, that's sucks for sure! I actually scratched my contact at work the other day and had to walk around with one eye closed most of the day. My coworkers were joking that I needed an eyepatch and a parrot. So I'm right there with you, Captain Hook.

  8. Whoa... bummer on the leg but CONGRATULATIONS on the job! That's awesome!

  9. So many mixed emotions! Thrilled about your job, sad and upset about your extended rest time. I hope you find some calm moments in the next few weeks to prepare yourself for everything!

  10. YARRRR matey! Sorry, I couldn't help it. What about one of those scooter things?
    YAY on new job!!

  11. Ok so I think that all these positives definitely outweigh the negative.But I am sorry to hear about the crutches and peg leg. I can't wait to hear more about your job! If I was there I would so drive you to the grocery store!!!

  12. CONGRATS!!!! so happy you got your dream job :)

    also, that iwalk thing, that looks pretty awesome!

  13. Whatever, you are going to be a bad ass pirate!!!! ;) And congrats again on the dream job! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS! Dream job, huh? Can't wait to hear about it!!! Ughh I'm so sorry about the boot situation though. At least your awesome new job will help you cope!!

  15. ugh sorry about the boot and crutches and shit. that sucks girl. hopefully time flies! but HEY congrats on the dream job! that is legit awesome, and definitely outweighs the negatives of peg legging it around.

  16. Happy that you have some good going on with all the bad! Congratulations!

  17. AHHH congrats on the dream job! You rock, girl! I'm sorry to hear about wearing that boot for even longer, and having to keep the crutches -- but now you better LISTEN to your Dr., girl!!! ;)

    I just noticed that dude in the background of the parks and rec gif is picking his nose. BAH!

  18. Congratulations on the job! That is such great news and I can't wait to hear more. I hope you celebrate, Whole30 approved but definitely wholeheartedly :)